Pet Adoption for Old Dog

  1. 5 weeks ago

    A lonely old dog wants to return to his homeland. He has found his way to the wild but keeps dying. He hopes old friends will take him in and help. His goals are to find a specific Island/area to do a build and needs supplies, information and help. He hopes to get 2 sets of diamond protect 4 fully enchanted armour, 2 fully loaded god picks of diamond 1 with silk 1 with fortune 3. a decent godlike diamond sword for battling zombies, skeletons, spiders, creeperes and cooking beef on the hoof. Allso needed 1 god electra and stacks of rockets for travel. 1 to 4 beacons plus iron to make base beacon. I am willing to pay real world cash for these , teeleports and or info to get me to the island/area I am looking for. I can offer up to $30.00 that can paid in form of Vip or Vip+ upgrade. I would offer more but I am broke as ajoke but miss playing. Overtime I can give back stuff from leftovers from my massive build digging. I hope someold teammates from Phoenix or Harvestar will remeber me and offer some help. My time I will be able to play will be limited so i plan on doing a sorta SKNUP style existance of always building. If offering help please private message and I can tell you what area and distance out I am looking for. thank you for reading this.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Hi humfry

  3. hi blaine

  4. don't forget that humfry leaked coords to skull mountain

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    humfry !

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