Spawn Building Competition

  1. 7 months ago
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    Hey everybody! We're excited to announce an exciting opportunity for the community to participate in a build competition. We have an open space in the spawn area that's just waiting to have something in it, and what better way to decide than through a build competition?

    Here are the specifications for the competition:

    • Your build must fit within a 29x 30y 40z space.
    • The theme is "Mansion" (not limited to the naturally spawning Minecraft mansion, but encompassing all types of luxurious residences).
    • THE DOOR NEEDS TO BE ONE THE SHORT (29x) SIDE to fit with spawn. (AKA, the front needs to be the shortest side)
    • The build MUST be on the server (so we can clone it to spawn!)

    When your build is finished, submit a photo of the build here to let us know you are finished - we will reach out to come and see the build in person!

    On December 9th, the staff will carefully evaluate all submissions and handpick the ultimate winner, whose creation will be replicated and proudly displayed in the spawn area!

    Good luck to everybody and have fun!

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    We are tweaking the area to try to give you a bigger space. Please stand by!

  3. The dimensions have been updated! Good luck all!

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  5. How do we make submissions? Do we build a mansion on the server or can we send superflat saves or structure files with our builds? Also, to be clear, 29x 30y 40z space is the updated size of the plot right? This is exciting!

  6. Hi Delta,

    Thank you for the question - a very good point. The build has to be on the server so we can clone it to spawn! I also confirm this is the size of the plot!

    Best of luck!

  7. I am looking forward to seeing these builds!

  8. 6 months ago

    Alright guys, we are two weeks out from the competition deadline! Hope everybody is pleased with how their builds are going!

  9. BK randy

  10. i cant seem to get my screenie to upload here

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    Not sure if my mansion counts because it's primarily not an original creation. It's YouTube inspired. Plus, other possible specification problems. But I'll get the party started anyway.

  12. That looks awesome!

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    The family that orginaly livede in this mansion, was lovers of art and culture, whitch can be seen throughout there home.
    We garentee what you see is what you get, and that there is no secrets to be found.


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  17. Hey guys, I have had something come up today irl, I am having to move the judging to tomorrow (Dec. 10th). I am excited to see what yall have come up with!

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  19. We are pleased to announce that the winner is Rillo89! Congratulations on your amazing build! I will start to move it over to the space in spawn soon - thank you everybody for your efforts, we will be holding more events like this in the future! =D

  20. Thank you, so mutch :D

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