1. last year

    So, I have recently just died using a end portal, send a ender pearl through the middle of the portal and I died. loosing all of my armor and tools. Something needs to be done about this. I am pretty good when it comes to resources but players who are not would be pretty upset about this.

  2. minesy

    15 Oct 2017 Suspended

    Yeah some thing is wrong

  3. just use the end random tp plate @Ealdwine_Drasax

  4. Where is that located?

  5. @Ealdwine_Drasax right when you enter the end from spawn

  6. ok why are you throwing a ender pearl thru a portal in the first place? What benefit does this bring you?

  7. i think he's talking about the end gateway

  8. Can someone explain this in a different way? im not sure i understand.

    He threw an enderpearl into an end portal and the TP killed him? is that not normal?

  9. Did you die after the teleport or did you just die?

    Maybe someone rigged the gateway since it puts you in a certain spot every time.

  10. @_Confederacy_ i saw when he died it said he fell out of the world

  11. well i id notice that now when in the end id i select spawn with the book in the end it takes me to the same place each time. In the past there was a portal at that spot now all I see is bedrock. So something definitely changed

  12. I sent the ender pearl through the portal and I was immediately dropped out of the world.

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    @Ealdwine_Drasax I sent the ender pearl through the portal and I was immediately dropped out of the world.

    Please be specific what portal
    One of the ones deep in the end?
    One of the ones that lead to the island?
    Or the one that leads to bed?

  14. The ones that surround the first island. The one that we all go to fight the dragon. I went to one of those to teleport. It then proceed to kill me. I had never used the end before on this server. I asked if it was different, no one answered me. I asked again. Then the proceeded to tell me to go look it up. So I went the only way I knew how and it killed me.

  15. Sorry the dragon spawns on the main island?
    So why would you use on the of the surrounding portals?

  16. Are the natural portals not usable? Because if that is the case there should be signs up. I did not know that there was a random TP, nor did anyone help me figure out how to get off the dragon island. So I used the portals that you would use to tp out.

  17. Yeah I've used those portals before without any issue, so this seems like something might be messed up.

  18. Well, I've just tested on most of the portals in survival mode and I can't replicate this?
    They seem to function fine, I'm guessing you missed the pearl and pearled into the void somehow.

  19. you cant pearl into the void there are no blocks for the epearl to hit in the void

  20. Did it seem like you actually teleported or did you just die? Like was there that quick loading screen or just insta death? Sometimes when you pearl, it's weird when you get to the other side, especially if there are blocks around the gateway teleport thing that mess up where you land. Maybe you lagged and fell off the gateway block and into the void instead of onto the natural platforms that are under them, but the lag didn't show you falling off the block, just the death? I used to use them a lot and that was always a fear I thought I would encounter, but never did.

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