Few totems and items for sale bulk

  1. last week

    Few items for sale must buy all. 3 totems 1 totem enchanted rare 1 extremely rare team eye banner 1 God bow with mending infinity not in picture 10 notch apples. i have not been playing much so i decided to sale a few of the things in my collection so others can enjoy them on the server must come with legit offers you can private message offers


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    Do i really need to buy all things? xD
    or does 1 thing work too

  3. @MaggiAusDaKann i have always sold in bulk i dont like nickel and dime transactions

  4. offer made

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    Gimme the bow... Oh thought it said have to buy all 3 totums.. hmm. thats a lot of stuff.

  6. I'm glad I don't pvp, otherwise I'd be spending all my db on this :P Nice sale, javon.

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    Offer made

  8. offering 1 sharpserac head

  9. I want that banner

  10. @_Yul I want that banner


  11. 6 hours ago

    I can offer 500DB for all these items and the bow you mentioned. I can pay immediately. or can you relist this as a open new auction and my offer sstands 500DB. thank you

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