Totem Of Undying(s) Bid: Place your bets today!

  1. 5 months ago

    Hiya. Gramps here; you see, I'm kinda in a jam right now and when you're a grandpa, all and any form of your money goes to social security and you have nothing left over! So, I'm doing a little thing right now.

    I'll be offering up 5 totems of undying together in one go; rules are simple, the starting bid is 25DB and I'll leave this open until next Wednesday or until I see that offers have stopped. ( Also, all bids are in diamonds blocks. not raw diamonds. )

    Go crazy!

  2. i love you grandpa


  3. 32db

  4. 2 pieces of dirt

  5. Edited 5 months ago by RackDisiprine

    EDIT: If the auction is still live

  6. Yes, this is open until Wednesday

  7. How about a hug and a thank you?

  8. GrandpaCarl has been spending too much lately ^^

  9. don't post on here if you aren't gonna place a bid

  10. 36db

  11. 37db <3

  12. 38 <3 <3

  13. The bid will close at at 10PM EST

  14. 39 ben shapiro heads

  15. 18 wild ram ranch cowboys

  16. Bid closed, totems go to @alarmgv12 ! I'll be on tomorrow

  17. Please tell me once the trade has occured Grandpa

  18. @alarmgv12, ya boi just artificially inflated the price oof, i don't have anywhere near 35db I am new.

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