1. 5 months ago

    Squid spawn rates are pretty poor on the server so I'd like to suggest a villager who sell ink sacs for diamonds and emeralds. Maybe 2 diamonds per 10 ink sac, and maybe 20 emeralds per 10 ink sacs. It would help give the economy a way to dump emeralds and diamonds so people aren't hoarding them, although I don't think it's a problem this early into the map. A lot of people are trying to buy them but just no one is selling because they either need themselves or just can't get any due to poor squid rates. Maybe even a squid spawner in VIP or something could work as well. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas to get ink sacs without wanting to blow my brains out please post.

  2. Lmao this aint it chief, no dislike button so heres a -1 from me. Go kill squiddies like the rest of us BUM!

  3. hmm thats strange humfrys house of color normally stocks all dyes in bulk, oh yeah no HHOC this map that explains it, maybe ill open a shop around thanksgiving after my knee surgery..... got lots of stuff stockpiled already, i also will be hiring labor to collect as before

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    @humfrydog best of luck on the surgery.

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