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    Quote: "My advice is follow all the rules, don't make huge waves, play nice and you should never experience an IP ban."

    Nope. Any Internet community - game server, message board, whatever - involves admins.
    There is always the chance that one or more of the admins is a complete prick.
    You could be breaking a rule that you didn't know existed, you could be doing something that *looks* like a violation to them but isn't, they might be having a bad day, they might have gotten their layoff notice and are out for blood one last time, etc. Unfair bans are a dime a dozen, and their next victim is right around the corner. Maybe you.

    The only way to completely avoid the chance of being banned, is to play offline games.

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    Or have multiple admins of same power level so any staff abuse will be prevented, like we have here on CM, or on basically any decent website, server, etc
    About breaking rules you didn’t know existed - rules are usually public, so it’s fault of a person banned

  3. i would just like to say-
    every ban comes from a collection of evidence.
    every admin comes from a long line of experience.

    Most new players dont actually read the rules, which is why we issue warnings to those breaking rules.
    if they continue, they get banned.
    If an appeal is made, the staff member who made the ban can provide an answer explaining - and if need be, proof of reason to the other admins, if not directly to the player. There have been multiple instances where a ban was overturned because of lack of evidence, regardless of gut feeling. (i would also like to point out that every single one was eventually banned again)

    As for IP bans- we dont just hand those out willy nilly. we ban accounts as individuals.
    If we're forced to IP ban someone theyve either

    -Been part of an attack on the server: like a raid or have connected using multiple accounts at the same time (usually spamming bullshit of one type or antoher)

    - Have done something so decidedly unforgivable that their presence would never improve the server experience, and so we dont want them back.

    as for the 2nd note: The chance of admins being a complete prick

    Impossible. We dont allow pricks to become admins anymore. A long time ago there was a not so friendly attempt to coup the server, with an admin trying to declare themself head admin, and a ranking system and it was all very stupid. I caused an uproar when i overturned a ban they made from personal feelings, and eventaully their little heiarchy broke apart, some people went crazy, lots of drama... which brings us to today.
    Helpers and Mods are watched. We get feedback from players, what we see, how they respond to situations...
    If theyre a prick, they dont get to reach admin. :P

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    Just compounding on what Baron has said here the admins self regulate. We also have the oversite of the owner himself who has the ultimate authority and the final say. We are accountable to each other and to him.

    Realistically the only one who can ban people for not liking them is the owner (since it's his server) and this has never happened, despite there being several occasions where it would be completely justified.

    Baron summed it all up very nicely, if you get your IP banned it's for a damn good reason.

    @SteakKnives The only way to completely avoid the chance of being banned, is to play offline games.

    This is true to an extent or you can simply follow the rules, which are basically comprised of common sense and decency to others. Alot of people who end up banned either cheat or for the most part are trolls and or people talking about controversial topics. This is a game plus its on a server where minors and familys come to play. Certain topics make people uncomfortable or can get out of hand so we don't allow them.

    Play within the rules keep the chat topics PG and you are golden.

  5. 99% of ipbans are for repeated hacking or mass amounts of chat offenses over multiple accounts, unless you’re trying to get ip banned or purposefully breaking rules you should be fine. Bans usually come from chat offenses and etc. As long as you follow our rules you should never be. If you were ACTUALLY falsely banned (and I repeat ACTUALLY false) it probably will be undone. Infact I can point to MrSparklyBacon’s ban as an example.

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