1.14.4 thoughts?

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    As expected, the fix to the entities issue has meant drastically reduced mob counts. I knew I'd miss them.

    Minecraft just has too few mobs by default imo. I agree that 1.14.2 went over the top, it was bonkers, but even an 80% reduction in apparent mobs would have been ok. This feels like.. 99.5%.

    At an outpost - 1.14.2:

    At an outpost - 1.14.3:

    I know, I just took a pic of an empty space. But this is where the same pillagers spawn and it does create the right impression. There now spawns 1 pillager per roughly 30 seconds. It had to wait 19 Minecraft hours to get a single raid captain.... ie., Bad Omen 1. Bad Omen 6 would take about a real world hour at that rate.... an hour of waiting between single pillager spawns.

    The server is indeed running super smooth however; feels like single player.

    While I have been with the opinions that some plugin would still be worth it, honestly if it keeps running like this the effort wouldn't be warranted. It's been running rock solid for the last 2 hours. It is still sitting on 20 TPS as if the number 19 doesn't exist.

    I'm guessing it will keep performing better than we had it in 1.13, due to that improvement Crafty made a few weeks ago.

    But seriously, the world is super desolate now. I don't even understand outposts anymore.

    And.. some change to mouse sensitivity and sometimes villagers get stuck instantly closing trades.

    Despite the lag, 1.14.2 was a bit of a golden era. The days of mad cave runs, crazy overlapping pillager raids, stupidly large pillager armies at outposts, having the nether completely shut down by pigmen, and actually not being able to survive in the wild at night are all over. :(



  2. OH no you spoke too soon!

    22 players and super lag!

    though i do suspect someone was asking for bows to make an egg farm, and the only reason to have bows if for dispensers and an auto egg breaking machine, so i blame them, but i have no clue if they actually made their farm. and i forget whop they were.

    Yeah the villagers who have no work station near by who cannot let me trade with them makes me sad :(

    but yeah usually the lag is much much better!

  3. What pack are you running to get those mob faces?? Lol i want it, lol

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    Yeah as Jkeller put it, chunk loading issues and block lag are back at it again, and strong. Only difference now is that there are no mob hordes.

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    Humfrydog, PureBDCraft. It's updated for 1.14 but they haven't finished the villager and ravager skins yet; I'm hanging out for that update. I could go on about a number of other cool things it does - especially once Optifine is enabled - but I'll just that say I highly recommend it.

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    So all my villagers have reset all of their discounts.


  7. Optifine updated for 1.14.3. :)

  8. Them mobs sure had hell of a party on 1.14.2.
    Motherfuckers cost me armor and levels. :/

    But I murdered some, I guess...in my creeper farm.
    I have to say, my both farms still get me resources, sure it's slow as fuck.

    But hey, I get like 2 stacks of gp a day. xD

  9. Villagers went from being OP af, to... well balanced. It is a bit of a kick in the nuts if you got used to working the 1.14.2 mechanics for good prices.

    • Villager discounts disappear, even cured villagers
    • Hero of the Village V is no longer worth the time required to get Bad Omen VI (30-60 minutes of doing not a lot)

    Not super happy that they stealth updated the discount decay in. I lost hundreds of enchants in that week of hacky griefing, and deliberately didn't restock them.
    Also a bit sad that zombie villagers are now less meaningful. They should have made it that a naturally-spawned zombie villager gave you discounts for life.

  10. Each raid round spawns one pillager. if you kil lthat pillager out side the raid and stay out side the raid then you get bad omen. if you build a mine cart track. to have it remove the pilalger from the raid area automitically. or if you have a base mate some how trick the pillager to leave the raid area. or if you build a wall to keep the pillager from entering the raid area.

    after the 6 or so rounds of a raid you could get bad omen 6.

    this way you have less time to wait to get bad omen. however. it would require a lot of re landscaping a village.

    and if you do it right a keep a raid always going in a village you could never have to worry about getting pillagers from a tower.

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    Wow... villagers have to be able to pathfind to beds now to be able to breed.
    1.14.3 was such a major nerfbat. I can't deny it was balancing, but I really miss all the .2 shenanigans. I don't miss it being impossible to get anywhere at night without god armour, but the rest I do.

  12. @Xenial_Jesse Wow... villagers have to be able to pathfind to beds now to be able to breed.
    1.14.3 was such a major nerfbat. I can't deny it was balancing, but I really miss all the .2 shenanigans. I don't miss it being impossible to get anywhere at night without god armour, but the rest I do.

    The crippling lag and mass cpu consumption.

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    I just wish caves and outposts had kept their high mob counts. In the times where the server wasn't lagging, they were the most action-packed Minecraft we'll ever get.

    So in related news, low mob spawn rates are now apparently being looked into for 1.14.4.

    And back to villagers... the decaying discounts are _not_ supposed to be a thing for cured villagers, and 1.14.4 already has a fix implemented.

    They literally can't fix a thing without breaking a thing. Hacky stuff.

  14. 3 months ago

    Changed this thread to now be about 1.14.4.

    A few of the big changes I've noticed:

    Block lag jerks camera

    The biggest and worst change is the change to block lag. Not everyone gets this but in my opinion, for those that do get it this is one of the worst/most irritating bugs they've shipped the game with.

    Now when a laggy block reappears, the player's position and orientation jump back to where they were before it disappeared. In other words, block lag now jerks the player's motion around. Since block lag can happen quite a bit, camera jerkiness is really common for me now. I hate it. It's like when you're mining on Crafty with cobblestone tools, and blocks reappear. Now imagine that every time that happens, the camera (ie, you) gets moved and pointed in a different direction.

    I tried this on a paper server too; exactly the same problem.

    Here's the "fix" I believe caused the problem. Feel free to give it some heat there:

    Cured villagers fixed, trade caps softened, restocking bug crazy OP

    Villagers. Cured villagers are indeed fixed and they once again keep their discounts permanently. So villagers are back to their pre-1.14.3 OP behaviour.

    Except now they also trade about 50-100% more than before... and that's without the new restocking bug.
    Without the restocking bug, they're the most generous version of villagers we've had; perhaps only beaten by 1.14.2 due to how easily it could farm Hero of the Village V.

    But with the restocking bug, once again, Mojang has fixed a thing by breaking a thing. Villagers are now so OP that emeralds aren't what you think about anymore, exp is.
    With just 2 cured villagers you can gain 30 levels in 2 minutes. The one run of this I tried took 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and for that 2 minutes of trouble I was also drowned in the by-products of spare lanterns, bookshelves, and about 180 emeralds.

    Bonkers OP.

    No need to stand on station to restock?

    Apparently villagers no longer need to stand ON a workstation to restock. Haven't confirmed but makes sense since they've definitely been tinkering with restock mechanics.


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