DB theme park project

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  2. 2 months ago

    @deyahruhd Buying 1 gunpowder for 2 diamonds here! :^)

    Every creeper is worth 2-6 diamonds? Count me in

  3. not every creeper,.. charged ones are worth db's at least

  4. @1Lysander Do they actually drop more?

  5. @bgmg I have 100 stacks of gunpowder ready for you to pick up.

  6. @bgmg would you have any use for prismarine blocks, prismarine bricks, or prismarine lanterns? Willing to donate as much as you want for free

  7. 8 weeks ago

    @bgmg @1Lysander Do they actually drop more?

    no, but they do have the ability to be ignited by a flint and steel and explode to give you heads of other mobs, which can be worth more diamonds than just the gunpowder

  8. Edited 8 weeks ago by bgmg

    Here are some sneak peaks ^^ I won't show everything but I'll update this thread from time to time ! All showcased builds are WIP

    Main shop alley :

    Taco Mynes :

    Main entrance :

  9. wow nice

  10. 7 weeks ago

    I can sell u totems! I have a special offer: 200 totems for 100 db

  11. You will never need to buy any again

  12. @DeJean I'll think about it - nice offer

  13. Need gunpowder and sugarcane !
    Post offers here

  14. Edited 7 weeks ago by MamaNeon

    I got 5 shulkers of gunpowder still in stock, how much you need? @bgmg

  15. Edited 7 weeks ago by bgmg

    All of it lmao - no one's been selling sugarcane tho :/

  16. Deleted 7 weeks ago by bgmg
  17. @bgmg All of it lmao - no one's been selling sugarcane tho :/

    I have a farm, just need to afk it

  18. I'll take 3 shulkers of paper then @MamaNeon

  19. Looking amazing

  20. 5 weeks ago
    Edited 5 weeks ago by bgmg

    New official DB park logo


    Sneak peak of the central exposition :


  21. Cool

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