Reset the map please

  1. 2 months ago

    Please reset in 1.16 thats all lol

  2. Edited 2 months ago by Varvana

    Yes. +1

  3. 1.16 hasn't even been announced yet and you want to reset? Why bother asking for something that may not happen for like a year or so lul

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  5. gottem ^^^^

  6. ty @Varvana

  7. What reasons do you have for wanting a map reset?

    I cannot seem to pro and con it very well by myself.

    The increased lag from generating a new map for the first several weeks, would make getting new items so excruciating that having the old map would seem worth while.

    but i could be missing something. are there some benefits from a new map that i am not aware of?

  8. A reset would be cool. I think the start of a world is the best part!

  9. This map's only been around since April I think.

  10. No u

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