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    Hello, for abt a month now, i have seen alot more people than usual, saying voting does not work.
    so i went ahead and made some tests and found out voting does indeed not work currently with chrome, for 3 of the 4 sites. (other browsers are fine)
    Minecraft-MP being the only one currently working with chrome.

    Since many people are using chrome, and don't seem to see that they can vote on other sites, they immediately go in game saying voting does not work. And then, trying to explain to them to try a different browser or site, sometimes do not work with those less tech savy :/

    For the time being, would it be possible to put Minecraft-MP, instead of MCSL, as the first site we land on when clicking on Vote?
    Precisely, i am talking about this:


    i am sure, putting this site first and as default page for "/pages/4-vote" would help :)

    Also, id like to suggest Adding a label or some kind of indication, to clearly show there is more than one voting site, and the advantages of doing so :
    something along those lines on /pages/4-vote


    Thank you! :)

  2. I use chrome and have been voting fine with occasional issues,
    1. If u cant vote from the forum page use the link provided at the bottom
    2.Adblockers are interfering with some of the sites, disable refresh and try again, sometimes you have to do it twice after disabling the blocker but its always gone through for me

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    I use microsoft edge to just vote and it works like a charm!

  4. 2 weeks ago

    All of the sites have pretty aggressive ad's/trackers and captcha security. Just load up any of these pages without an adblock and look in the network tab, its insane. Sadly I am not able to get around a lot of this so for now I have moved the "Site not working?" link to the top of the page and swapped "MCSL" and "Minecraft-MP".

    Currently, each vote site is broken for its own reason. MCSL has a tracker that is trying to access outside of the iframe it's in causing it to fail when submitting votes, Minecraft-MP sometimes thinks you are a robot and blocks iFrame usage, MinecraftServers has that very annoying captcha and TopG just isn't that popular.

    I tried to make it convenient to go to one page and have all the sites but as the internet gets more protective about stuff like embedding pages it has been a non-stop battle. Hopefully, this can tied yall over for a bit while I figure out a better solution.

    I think there is a post ingame about a bonus reward for getting all the links?

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