Server's Birthday!!!

  1. last year
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    It's been just about 3 years since CraftyMynes first went live. To celebrate, this Friday's jackpot will be double payout!

  2. minesy

    7 Oct 2017 Suspended

    what do you mean? like if some one wins they will get double dias, gold, em?

  3. Yes, the payout will be double.

  4. Happy birthday Server :D

  5. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you

  6. Better get your tickets!

  7. happy birthday server!! :D

  8. Wow I feel old, playerwise

  9. Aw i remember server's first bday.

    That was a fun night.

  10. I've been here since I don't know lol, happy B-Day [Server]!

  11. Happy Birthday server, you have brought joy to many people and discomfort for others...
    Keep up the good work!

  12. happy mcbirthday ily

  13. Edited last year by AttackTeam

    This server has got one of the most closely knit communities i've seen in all my years of playing Minecraft. Players build, mine, fight, raid, you name it. We may have disagreements at times, but we all have mutual respect for each other in one form or another. We all come from different levels of experience with the game, and different backgrounds and age groups. But this server has all brought us together to play this game together, which is a very unique experience. Thanks to all fantastic staff who keep this server running, and to the amazing players I've met this past year as well.

    Congratulations on three years and running, and let's all look forward to another year, however it may go. :D

  14. minesy

    8 Oct 2017 Suspended

    @CraftyMyner what if we do the piggy bank event for the server B day! :D

  15. @minesy @CraftyMyner what if we do the piggy bank event for the server B day! :D

    Thats the plan, there will be an announcement soon!

  16. Yay

  17. -image-

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