Harvestar news! So long Savanna base.

  1. 4 months ago

    Well it finally happened, Team eye managed to come into our base and raid it down. Though with a base as massive as this up over the ground for such a long time, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.
    -image-I'm just surprised that it didn't happen sooner. Still this base wouldn't of been possible without the amazing builders we have in the guild. @FriendofP With his outstanding builds and town square, @humfrydog who helped us w/ mapping, redstone, stores, etc. @Valgys who was in the process of the Crafty Church and a automatic sorting system(don't ask me how it works), and much much more. So many members have helped and contributed to the base to make it what it was now, I apoligize if I forget any names.-image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image- Well I guess we will just have to start again. I do appreciate Team eye not greifing the base and leaving the builds intacted. And to some of our members who left because of this, It saddens me that you had to leave but I understand. If you choose you want to join back on, we will accept yall with open arms. And if not, we'll still help out anyway we can. We're friends after all.

    Loyal and Proud, this is BoneChi11er
    Saying so long to Savanna and signing out.

  2. T’was a really good base

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    chill out we didn't grief it, you can still build there you just can't use it as a base anymore xd

  4. It was a great base. I will open a Show & Tell thread in few hours. Time to move!

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    Good luck to wherever you settle your town next. It's sad to see a great base turned into a memory, but now the future is open to even greater builds.

  6. From riches to rags... Such is a raiding server.

    Incredible base you had there. Good luck in the next one :)

  7. Don't worry we're still rich af

  8. Shucks, I liked that base.

    Also, riches smiches

  9. Oh no, rip. That base looked so nice :[

  10. Oh well, time to start again! :D I like that my windmill made it into the photos ^^

  11. -image-

  12. lol :) Nerdie's reaction moments

  13. Omg XD Was that actually during a raid? Why did I make that face??

  14. @NerdieBirdieYT That reaction is gold for memes

  15. @MisterChris717 Lol, what video is it from?

  16. Episode 28

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