The Shout-Out Section

  1. 9 months ago

    This thread is for giving a little thanks to those who deserve it! Feel free to mention people here and tell everyone why you mentioned them :)

    Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for being a super-sweet dork who helps everyone out!

  2. Shoutout to @_humanoid_ for coming to my birthday party.

  3. Shoutout to @_humanoid_ for totally coming to your birthday party..

  4. shout-out to @_Humanoid_ for being part human, part oid

  5. Shoutouts to simpleflips.

  6. Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for making a radio station

  7. Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ For his assistance of starving children in Africa, he gave up his own Oreos in order to feed these children, his actions can't go unrewarded. #NobelForHumanoid #HumanoidForPope

  8. Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for riding his bike home

  9. Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for finally finding a signal and broadcasting it to all

  10. Shout out to @Carl_Sagan1

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    Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for protecting Net Neutrality

  12. Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for cleaning my room.

  13. Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for providing!

  14. Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for being a tv

  15. Shout out to @Gminidog bc why not

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    Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for resources

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    Shoutout to @Julipukki for forgetting to come to my birthday party
    Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for his descriptive retelling of his very eventful bike ride

  18. Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for helping me with my face! :D,

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  20. I want to give a shout out to everyone I've met or ever will meet on this server who has/will become my good friend (which is most of you posting). I appreciate you all and your personalities! You truly have changed my life and I love you all, my friends!

    aka hoomanoid
    aka hooman
    aka hoo
    aka hooman resources
    aka my little hoomie
    aka big daddy hoomie
    aka the wild Hooman
    aka tv bro
    aka craftymynes' material bank for poor players

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