Rest easy Baxi

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    Hey guys,

    On 5th of September I lost my best friend due to kidney failure and his age.
    He was the best dog I've had in my lifetime.

    I didn't want to draw attention about him but I felt like making a thread for him.
    I guess that I need to remind myself every day that those 12 years spent with him was too little.

    Dogs are human's best friends, they are there to be with you till your or their last moment.

    I was well prepared for his passing knowing what will happen.
    I wasn't really playing MC for a week and half now due to house work and Baxi's mourning.

    I told my best friend the day before he passed away that I'll stay strong for him.
    He went under surgery for cancer on his testicles and one of his kidneys.

    He was living on one kidney and it failed a few months later which was at that date.

    You know... it was quite fucked up. We were supposed to take him to be put to sleep the day he passed.
    I was the one who found him dead laying on the living room's floor and believe me it was one of the most heartbreaking moments.

    I know everyone here have their animals and some of you know the feeling.
    On 4th of September's night, I hugged him and I was with him for an hour, I think.
    We talked about him and whatever we did, I can't even remember anymore.

    I didn't have a clue that he wanted to die in the house and I'm glad he did die when we all were there.

    Losing my dog was like I lost a family member, in fact, I did, because he was a family member.

    This is Baxi a few weeks ago, somewhere in August.

    This is him the night we were together.

    This is him and myself back in February 2018, I think, that's when I had no idea he had a cancer.

    You see how a dog can change in a few weeks.

    I just thought I'd make a tribute for him, I'm not expecting people to care, I just felt like I had to.

    Rest in Peace Baxi, thank you for your loyalty, love and care you've given me for those 12 years. :)

  2. Rest In Peace...

  3. Im very sorry for your loss, Doge. I am sure he was a wonderful dog and friend.

  4. I kind of feel like making a statue of him on my base, but that'll take a lot of Minecraft playing.

    And figuring out how to build him there. :D

  5. Sorry to hear about the loss of a furry friend. I am the child of two vet techs (vet nurses). I have had the privilege to have many animals underneath my roof and to love each and every one of them. I also know the feeling you're going through. It sucks, but the way I deal with it is to remember while they may have been just a small part of my life, I was a part of their entire life and filled it with lots of love. Remember the good times and the happy moments because while your fur baby might be gone the memories and the love last a lifetime. I wish you the best :)

  6. Hi doge, sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. It is hard when they go. I know how upset i was when our cat went missing - we never found him. All the best.

    And if you want to chat about him feel free to talk to me when you see me on.

  7. aww aaa i'm so sorry for ur loss 8( rest in peace good doggo

  8. Rest in peace my fellow dog.... my condolences my dear friend Idoge keep your head up

  9. He looks a lot like my dog, and I don't know what I would do if he was gone. Rest in peace Baxi.

  10. Awww, had to put my 13y/o black German shepherd to sleep after her cancer was worsening. RIP Baxi ):

  11. Not much you can do at that point except make them comfortable and in the least amount of pain possible. I'm sorry for your loss.

  12. Thank you all for your kind words. Baxi thanks you all too. :)

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