1. 2 months ago

    Hello there,
    I would like to say that when your are about to buy VIP it says there is a VIP lounge however that was in the old map.
    Please remove this because this is false advertising.

    Thank you

  2. Give the staff a break, its not like its been a year since the last map or anything. They’ll get around to it eventually.

  3. I have been to the VIP lounge it's at spawn underneath a house you have to use e pearls to access it.

  4. Thats not the VIP lounge. Its just one of the hidden tunnels in spawn. I believe there are like 5 or 6

  5. Well they added the VIP lounge now.

  6. Edited 2 months ago by deyahruhd

    VIP rank is solely a contribution to the server and in no way promises a reward of any kind or continued access to any rewards, it clearly says this in the terms and conditions that myners should read before they donate. But oh wait, I forgot that myners don't know how to read anymore.

  7. Shut up it CLEARLY said there would be a VIP lounge and you could access it if you had VIP rank but you are like "Myner don't know how to read," lol your the one who doesn't know how to read blind kid.

  8. https://forum.craftymynes.com/pages/1-store
    Click on VIP and tell me what it says.
    IT CLEARLY SAYS: Purchasing VIP will reward you with:
    Access to the VIP Lounge
    The VIP Crafting Guild
    Private TP request
    Random Teleporter distance extended to 10k
    VIP warps to various locations
    Free second Set Home
    Access to third Set Home

    I'm the one who doesn't know how to read ok lol

  9. Edited 2 months ago by PapaNeon

    "You are contributing your money permanently, without stipulation and with no expectation of receiving any tangible goods or services in exchange for your contribution, and are in fact guaranteed nothing and pledge to never ask for your money back for any reason.

    While the server owner does award certain trivial in-game perks to show appreciation to donors, acceptance of your contribution does not obligate the owner to provide continued access to said perks. The server owner and administrators reserve the right to at any time alter or revoke any and all perks you receive without a refund."

    Regardless, this thread has served its purpose.

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