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  1. 2 years ago

    Simply put, untill the hackers become a bigger issue during my time online, ive started a new, simple youtube series on the server>
    Touring players bases :)

    SO, if you've got something grand, something cool, something simple or suprising about the place you live and want to share it with no consequence or dealing with picture albums to the forums, Leave me a message here :)

    1. i will be touring the bases with F1 off, so theres no chance of coords or anything else being shared.
    2. Secret areas that you dont want shared, dont share with me.
    3. If available, i would like to be in the TS with you, to gather information for text lines and possible audio
    4. People with Basemates, please dont apply to the log more than once- im hoping to not repeat bases under different names.
    5. Innapropriate signs, builds or animal names will not make final cut.

    I will get to people by moving down the chat line
    Leave your full IGN and the timezone&time you usualy play in>

    Anything unrelated to this will be removed from the thread. :)
    As will the requests of people as i finish them.

  2. Interesting idea, but I'm gonna have to pass. I look forward to seeing the end result and all the cool bases!

  3. Thank for making our base your first tour! Did you intend the tour to be that fast? the video feels speeded up, lol. Just wondering, you are welcome back anytime :)

  4. I know this is a little bit off topic but you forgot to link or mention the name of your channel! How can we find it without that?

  5. Just type Baronbattlebread into youtube, but ill put his channels link here:

  6. @humfrydog youtube decided the video was "shakey" and its "fix" was to increase the video speed by what feels like 200% or so.

  7. Oh my god you can see me arguing with flash in the chat about killing noobs In the arena.. >.> other than that, awesome base @humfrydog !

  8. Yeah ill do it its not that much only a room and some decorative logs but
    NewZealand time
    12pm to 8 or 9 in the weekends and 3pm to 8 or 9 in the weekdays.

  9. After I finished my base, I'll request for a tour. Video is way better than still pics especially if you have redstone machines.

  10. if you want you could tour my base on 1.8 sometime?

  11. thats a good idea 1.8 tours ^

  12. You can alway tour Harvestar and our bases
    Im usually on around 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. central time

  13. Deleted 2 years ago by BaronBattleBread
  14. its a stickied chat, dont need to bump it

  15. Baron would love to have my base toured

  16. @BoneChi11er @BaronBattleBread if you do tour the Hive harvestar dont forget to get a gr8 look at the bee

    it's our guardian

  17. I had been thinking of making some you tube videos. As you clearly have done this baron can you recommend software for screen capture? Thanks. You are welcome to do a tour of my base further down the line but it is a bit scruffy at the moment.

  18. i would love for you to come out to my town and film the king ghast and mayor lavon hayes

  19. @Tez1010 OBS is awesome. It's free, and the customization in it is great.

    Or, If you have a Nvidia video card that supports it, Nvidia's ShadowPlay is pretty good too.

  20. @Tez1010 I second @neonjews about OBS. I use OBS for my videos. So do big name youtubers like Captain Sparkles.

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