The return of the ender dragon?

  1. 8 years ago

    Tried to stick this under Server and website sub-forum but couldn't.
    So after reading through some of the features, I noticed that you would be able to "Re-summon the Ender Dragon". Now my idea is that the staff could be in charge of summoning the dragon and make it like a ,weekly event on the server. That way not one player is in charge of summoning the end dragon and becoming too OP. Your thoughts staff?

  2. In vanilla anyone can summon the dragon as long as they've crafted a few cheap ender crystals. I'm not sure how you are planning to prevent that. People will want the xp from the dragon as well as the dragon's breath.

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    Its not really practical to do so.
    Its also supposed to be vanilla survival so admin coordinated official events would hardly be fair on offline players from different timezones and would interfere with the purity of the game.
    Ultimately anything goes beyond spawn bridges more or less, its the job of the players to grab the resources thye need before someone else does.

  4. understood, I just wasn't sure how the dragon was resummoned

  5. last year

    you can resummon the ender dragon already you just need 4 end crystals and place them on the exit portal

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