What just happened?

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    Before you guys get all pissed off that we are deleting posts, it's necessary to keep the clutter and confusion down to a minimum while we figure out what is going on.

    Earlier today someone placed a bunch of lava/water flows in the end spawn, I turned on nuker to remove them but I had to go to school. For some reason, a button was left on one of the spawners that allowed a player to respawn one of the custom villagers. I was called in to remove the villager but was unaware that I still had my nuker enabled. I teleported to the home portal in the end and it broke that and also made a huge crater in spawn. In efforts to attempt to fix the hole in spawn, I was unaware that everyone was falling out of the world. Due to the fact that many people have died and lost their stuff and we can't be for certain that the villager hadn't been taken advantage of, we have rolled back just a little bit.

    Please don't go making 50 random forum posts, one will suffice.

  2. Thanks Crafty for clearing that all up and fixing everything.

  3. Lol no worries.

  4. Understandable. Thank you and all the staff for working so hard on maintaining the server.

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  10. ty for clarifying what happened.

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  13. He's op'd, he doesn't need fly :P

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  15. Did anyone get a picture of cratered spawn?

  16. I did. and all the other stuff.

  17. Jesus christ O_o

  18. jesus what is happening

  19. Is there a roll-back glitch going on? We're so confused right now. Me and Optimus were mining in a mesa, I had shulker boxes on me, a few placed down, and he had just set up a beacon with some dia blocks on him. Then we just were back in time a few minutes. I relogged and was standing where I was maybe 10 minutes ago, my inventory what it was 10 minutes ago. I'd seen something like that before with a roll back across the server, but my shulker boxes weren't where they initially were 10 minutes ago. Optimus' dia blocks were "rolled back" too and weren't back where they should have been. The terrain reset to before we mined it. We figured it was just that and then it was all okay again. We lost a bit, Optimus losing quite a bit actually, so I relogged again just to make sure my connection was good. When I got back on a second later, I was standing in the spot I was standing in when it first rolled back a few moments before. I got really confused and so walked around and relogged again. I was back again to that same original spot. I restarted the entire game, same thing. Same thing was happening to Optimusjag too. What is going on?!

  20. to add to dennari's account of events, so i threw out some stuff i didnt need like seeds flesh and string at first at a spot. then i went to get my dbs to set up a beacon, but now whenever i relog, i go back to the same spot i was and my inv is filled back with the shit stuff i threw away. the main thing i lost is that all my diamond bloks/ all my wealth got replaced by the shit, nothing much else anyways. all my time on the server i worked so hard for those diamond blocks, and i am very sad that they got deleted :///// hope there will be a rolll back :) but thanks for venetorem to be willing to listen to my account of events and dennari being a gd friend! :o)

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