What do you do for a living? (Or Hobby)

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    Going off the success of the selfie thread, I was thinking of starting a new thread focusing on what the players of CraftyMynes do for work or hobby.

    Feel free to post what you do, stories and pictures.

    I'll start!

    For the last 3 years I have been working as a marine mechanic/electrician/shipwright in the recreational sector. Before that I owned my own aerial photography business, and before that I did wine cellar and cabinet assembly work. This summer I just got hired as commercial marine electrician. I mainly work on commercial fishing vessels, however, I also do some tug boat and passenger vessel work.

    I do anything from changing light bulbs to rewiring entire boats and everything in-between. The main reason I was hired was for my computer skills. (Mainly linux/low level communications) I do quite a bit of installing fish net monitoring systems and other sensors/devices.

    The type of boats I work on are mostly commerical fishing vessels like these:


    But I also work on boats like this one:


    A lot of the time I'm working in a dirty hole like this:


    On shotty wiring like this:


    To turn it into somthing like this:


    Some of the other systems I work on can cost upwards of $100k dollars just for the base configuration.

    Inside this cabinet is about $50k and outside is another $50k of sensors.


    I look forward to hearing about what everyone does out side of minecraft either in their spare time or for a living.

    - Crafty

  2. Since my laptop broke, I'm no longer able to play games such as Minecraft until I can get a new laptop, but my mom gave me her old chromebook until then so I've been writing stories. I've written 6 stories so far that are about 3-6 pages in length and I really enjoy the work that goes into it. Today I'm going to be working on a 7th story so hopefully I can get through it all. I also draw, one of the only reasons I have my school folders is because I carried notebook paper for scraps. Doodling out weird monsters or characters from my stories is a blast for me.

  3. I am in Rotc, i count this as a hobby because it's a class in school that does community service and a lot of time goes into it, specifically I'm in AFJROTC

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    @GrinningBobcat I am in Rotc, i count this as a hobby because it's a class in school that does community service and a lot of time goes into it, specifically I'm in AFJROTC

    You looking to join the air force?

    And I'm gonna try to get into i think the video Game buisness in school hopefully that will work and im gonna try the YouTube aspect of gaming as well also try animation btw I'm starting high school in a month

  5. Tained personal support worker, experienced security guard, and I'm an ordained minister. Former canery worker, former cemitary grounds keeper, former cafe assistant manager, former hobby shop casheir ive worked across a specrum

  6. Let's see, I've made ladders, wheel barrows and clotheslines. I've worked in the metal industry aluminium etc, I have repaired and maintained forklifts, for a while I was a manager for a corporate party hire company. I've been in the cement industry making roof tiles etc and now I work for Visy which makes cardboard and surprisingly pays double any other job I've had.

    This feels like a job interview ha.

    Hobbies include Magic the gathering, playing video games (no brainer there) and undermining my superiors "authority". I've also done Muay Thai martial arts, on and off gym fanatic and a fervent believer of BBQ's beer fishing and camping.

  7. I'm a concert photographer check it out.
    link text

  8. Good thread idea. I've spent most of my time as a student studying physics, as well as biology. Recently started work as a researcher at a national lab. Hobbies include reading (mostly literature and history), running and hiking, and a small amount of music.

  9. Welp I'm still in full time education (tho i am looking fir a job) studying maths, chemistry and biology with tbe hope of going to uni to study forensic investigations.

    Haven't really got any cool hobbies I'm basically eitber reading or playing video games....more game now a high key Tales of Symohonia addiction ha ....i need help.

  10. I'm im full time education too, studying languages, one of my greatest passions. I currently study sevem languages and can speak fluently at least five of them: English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew and German... also Latin but I don't know if that counts, and that's what I do mainly in my school time.
    But when I'm not studying some strange ancient language and alphabet I have a few other hobbies and jobs.
    My other great passion is basketbal; I've been an All-Star (best 25 players I think) , all-italian player (minors National team... even if I didn't play a lot I usually played like 10/15 minutes, also we weren't as good as other countries so :P) I played for Armani Jeans olimpia Milano one year and before this summer I was 42nd in the top 50 players power ranking, currently playing in serie D for ASD Vismara at 15 years old my dream is to study abroad at UCLA/ University of Kentucky and make it to the NBA one day.
    I spend most of my free time in the gym and playing 1v1 with random opponents.
    I'm also a referee and when I'm not playing I'm refereeing a basketball match or video gaming.
    Sometimes in summer I work as a volonteer.
    So yea that's what I do

  11. I'm still in high school. I can draw decently, I've gotten a lot better since last time I showed anything on the forums. Besides that, for a career I've been leaning towards metallurgy and have been studying some chemistry. With that I've also taken an interest in knives, but mostly because of the chemistry of the steels and etc. I've also started to take basic steps into making knives and other bladed things. Other than that I can animate (pretty badly), Play the piano and swim competitively.

    Sword I'm working on.




    Examples of knives I own.


    Recent drawing.

    Dog interrupting photo taking.

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    what if we don't do anything for a living? but yeah I'm a stripper :3 Ask fluxated ;)

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  15. I'm currently a member of the United States Air Force. My designated AFSC is 2A534. I am an aerospace technician on the KC-135 strato-tanker but will soon be switching airframes to the KC-46. Both planes are Refuelers and my current plane is the fastest heavy in the fleet.

    For hobbies I love to travel! For fourth of July I drove up to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and I'll soon be heading to NYC

    @GrinningBobcat Bleed blue my friend

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  17. @PonZe what if we don't do anything for a living? but yeah I'm a stripper :3 Ask fluxated ;)

    You dont reply

  18. I had worked in construction for some time mainly residential electrical work decided to take a break from it somewhat recently and do some easy security work,still ending up doing a few paint and electrical side jobs tho lol.
    Did a few warehouse jobs before too, dont like them not really for me.
    As for hobbies I play piano and guitar(mainly guitar)Blues,Jazz,Classic rock and Heavy Metal are my main styles.I play alot of paintball with the great Anderson Silva (he is goat) :D here's an old pic lol -image- I also enjoy nature alot so im always hiking,at the beach,fishing or camping and try to hit Vegas up once every other month with a group of friends :), used to go to raves alot when we had them down here in LA but when they moved i stopped attending.

  19. hey this is a Really Good Thread. i do digital art. here's some of the favorites ones i've done

  20. Good job I like them

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