Completely ludicrous idea that I came up with while browsing EAS sounds

  1. last year

    Imagine CraftyMynes, A server already known for griefing and raiding, has a regularly scheduled purge that will last for 6-12 real life hours. During that time, your guide book has been completely deactivated and you cannot use it to teleport anywhere. I think since players already keep their bases hidden, there should be a players coords in the player list when you hold down TAB. If you really want to get crazy with it, have the letter O, N, or E right by the name to show which dimension the target is at. You can't just simply hide during the Purge. Spawn will disable the saturation and resistance effects that you would normally get while there. I also thought of changing the function of the random teleporters to teleport someone to a random player in the world.

    Now for my favorite part: Right before the purge starts, Bold, red, title text will show up in front of a player's screen. Using a custom resource pack, An EAS tone will play along with some (optional) eerie ambiance music. After the tones, a voice will say the following captioned [in chat] announcement:

    "This is not a drill.

    This is the CraftyMynes server automatically announcing the commencement of the regularly scheduled purge.

    Normal rules for the server will still apply. You will still have to abide by them and disciplinary actions will be used if rules are not followed.

    CraftyMyner and Admins have been granted immunity from the purge and cannot be harmed.

    Commencing at the Siren, players will have their coordinates shown right next to their username in the player list. Your Guide book will have all features disabled. The spawn will lose the saturation and resistance effects that are normally activated, allowing players to kill others inside spawn. If you are a MVP, you will see a scoreboard showing the nearest player to you. Those with VIP+ or any higher donation ranking will have a scoreboard showing the nearest player to them.

    Blessed be our dear CraftyMyner and all of CraftyMynes, a server reborn.

    May the gods of CraftyMynes be with you all."

    Right when this message ends, a siren plays in the background for a short time and a countdown is visible where the name of an object is displayed when the player selects an occupied spot in the hotbar.

    The only reason why I made this conversation in the first place was because I thought it would be fun to just share my silly idea. Say what you want about it. I don't even care about this idea.

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    Didn't someone suggest this before?

  3. Might be difficult in vanilla, but i can see this happening in the near future.

  4. @R4iscool1 Didn't someone suggest this before?

    I don't know. I would not be surprised if they did.

  5. minesy

    9 Sep 2017 Suspended

    i would go to world boarder tower

  6. @minesy i would go to world boarder tower

    If you can get to and through the world border, so can others after you.

  7. minesy

    9 Sep 2017 Suspended

    @Hijacked96 If you can get to and through the world border, so can others after you.


  8. @minesy ik

    Just something to remember when the purge (if it ever will) becomes a thing.

  9. minesy

    9 Sep 2017 Suspended

    @Hijacked96 Just something to remember when the purge (if it ever will) becomes a thing.

    and after that to punish them i will start the hunger games

  10. Lol might as well make it an anarchy server while you are at it!

  11. This would be fun

  12. I will just log off

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    Yeah, I wouldn't want any part in this if it ever were to happen. I'd just log off and wait for it to all subside before I'd even consider going back on.
    I feel like this would only appeal to the regular PVPers of the server, as nobody in their right mind would want any of their bases to be revealed to the world. There would be those who exploit this by taking pictures of the scoreboard, so they have the potential to save a permanent record of where a lot of people's bases are.

    Ambitious, but I don't think this would ever happen on CC. There would simply be too many people in opposition and there would be countless cases of people losing dozens - if not HUNDREDS - of hours of work because they had no idea what was happening.

  14. just make everybody glow for 30 minutes, pvp player will run and hunt each other and other player will log off

  15. This is a good idea, I would take a screenshot of the player list and then alt+f4

  16. What beta's y'all are xd

  17. This will probably never happen by the way

  18. Yea

  19. the commands needed to implement such a feature would be absurdly complicated, and there would have to be dozens written from scratch, since I've never personally seen something that shows coordinates like that. You would also have to implement an icon for their dimension as well, which would be another step on top of that.

  20. I think it would be very hard to do with command blocks, plus I don’t think everyone would enjoy it. As well it would take away playing time from those with busy schedules if they were to not want to participate. It’s a cool idea, but I don’t think it would be the best for the server. However it’s a great idea for a server of its own.

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