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    Contest for my base here on CraftyMynes. I have not played for months now and figure my base would be better in the hands of another. Base is very secluded and 100% underground.

    Base includes:
    Everything in the chests/shulkers that are around the base
    Efficient Zombie Grinder
    Good Villager breeder
    Animals (Horses, pigs, cows, sheep)
    Massive selection of villagers with some good trades
    Huge custom library built with 100's of bookshelves

    To enter the contest, simply comment in this thread. You can only enter once. Once the contest has been run for a while I will put all the names into a random selection thing and message you on the forums. If you can solve a simple math problem in response then you can have the base.

    I might run another contest for the contents of my Enderchest.

    Good luck everyone.

  2. i would like o get the base!

  3. Nice base

  4. yoo looks nice :)

  5. Very nice base brother

  6. I commented. Am I cool now?

  7. I llove this base, and Ii would love to have it :D

  8. Over 100 levels, nice :P

  9. Libraries are wonderful! :)

  10. Nice :)

  11. Looks nice

  12. Brilliant :)

  13. Hi

  14. Wonderful

  15. Why do you dont sell it ?

  16. @MaggiAusDaKann Why do you dont sell it ?

    cause i dont think he needs dias cause im pretty sure he is quiting

  17. @TimeKing297 cause i dont think he needs dias cause im pretty sure he is quiting

    i would sell it lol also iff i quiet the server

  18. Nice work with the villagers. They always give me the biggest trouble breeding and moving around.

  19. Looks like a pretty good base, put me in the runnings :)

  20. I like it! Very well done!

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