Who is the King

  1. 11 months ago

    It's been a while since I've played on this server. Factions have risen and fallen, players have come and gone, and the poor have become rich. Now, who is the king of the server right now? Which faction dominates all?

  2. Well there was a group who put on a very successful Scavenger hunt event the entire server enjoyed.....

  3. you sound like you already know what's goin on

  4. Towel gang

  5. Elephantia

  6. deyahruhd is the official new king of CM since sharpserac logs

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    Tbh I think previous threads reveal that the true master of this server is @_Humanoid_

  8. @NerdieBirdieYT Tbh I think previous threads reveal that the true master of this server is @_Humanoid_

    shout-out to @_Humanoid_ for being king now

  9. Shout_out to @_Humanoid_ THE KING !

  10. I'm inactive to mc in general so idek myself
    Were you expecting a serious answer?

  11. Not particularly. I kind of thought the server would have died by now. I logged on last night for a bit and it looks like it might be :/

  12. There is an active player base that logs on to play regularly so I don't think its dead but yeah some of them are MIA, maybe they got bored of playing minecraft? or their lives got too busy? Who knows...

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    Many I know from the server who have gone inactive still like the server. They're just waiting for a map reset as it really breaths new life. But it's a different case for everyone

  14. @Family_Tuber @Cileklim @sovietsuperman

    Yea. A good chunk of players are waiting for a map reset to happen so that it can return; a map reset will also rebalance player power and the economy. Even with active players, there's a good chunk of the active community wanting a reset too.

    However, nothing about a reset is confirmed atm as a decision like that is solely up to crafty

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