Why I have not played on this server for a while

  1. 9 months ago

    As many of you know I am a veteran player on the CraftyMynes server, starting in August-September of 2016 shortly after I got my minecraft account. This has been a nice server to play on, but I can't concentrate on large projects, which is why if you look at my bases there are many unfinished projects. I mainly enjoy the beginning stages of a minecraft world, gathering the materials with stone tools and trying to not die. After you get your 2nd or 3rd godset, it becomes less meaningful to accomplish more. After this server I started going on 1.8 pvp servers until I was false banned for chargeback. I still enjoy periodically go on this server to kill squids and stuff but I am hoping that this server can reset soon so I can go back to what I enjoy. Because I currently have nothing to do right now, I have looked on to other hobbies such as creating youtube videos. S U B S C R I B E T H X Also I have started to look back at what I used to enjoy such as this server. So ya! When will this server reset?

  2. What i found fun to do. is start small bases each day!

    use the rtp and start a new small base :) then spawn a wither to protect the base from greifers!

    It is interesting. the smae things that keep life interesting keep crafty mynes interesting!

    going for a walk to explore the woods.

    helping some new player start. not nowing when the new player will tp an alt in to kill you :)

    building art!

    I do wonder when the player base of crafty mynes gets older if the play styleswill change.

    most younger people do what they are told. they need a boss to tell them what to produce. they need a teacher to tell them what to work on and what to do for homework. only once a person gets to be 65 to 80 do they need to learn how to keep themselves content! this is sad for me. because there is shown staticts that when peopel retiree from their jobsthey die shortly :( just liek in crafty mynes. once players get what they were seekign they stop playing. they do not know how to keep themselves occupied! i wonder if psychologists will learn in minecraft how to help retired people learn self direction!

    tl:dr; create art! there can never be too much art!

  3. ^ this :D

  4. I know how ya feel @Retrochewy

  5. @Retrochewy about the reset portion it's honestly a vague idea of when it'll happen. staff won't reset unless they absolutely have to but there's nothing confirmed of a reset not happening yet; the economy is worn down and there really isn't anything new to do on the server. i know from talking players and on the forums that it appears to be a large portion of the community who'd love a reset and with many more players who'd return. the ones from what I know who've opposed to an idea of a reset is new players, old players not wanting to loose builds that they've happened made on the server, and old players trying to get back in the game despite a potency for a reset.

    we'll honestly just have to see what happens at this rate; no guaranteed chance for a reset

  6. i don't think it would make sense to reset before update aquatic

  7. We have no plans to reset.

  8. @R4iscool1 We have no plans to reset.

    that's too bad

  9. i think the core things i'm saying is if mojang decides to do something techinal last second that's impactful to how the server itself would function, some holy revelation occurs, and i saying that there isn't a confirmed reset. only potential if something happens.

  10. Tbh the server should reset

  11. Yeah

  12. @SharpSerac Tbh the server should reset


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