What if the mods actually enforced only actual real rules

  1. 3 months ago

    What if the mods actually enforced only real rules and not just subjectively delete things that trigger them. It is pretty cowardly and not the first time. I would like the opportunity to visit that mods base, so I can do some rearranging.

  2. What are you talking about?

  3. Please elaborate

  4. My USA flag banner was removed.

  5. I had a villager named after our great President with all trades unlocked. He was deleted and replaced with a new villager a few weeks ago. Who is taking it upon themselves to do this? I mean why would someone care what I have at my own base? especially so far away from spawn.

  6. it is not even against the rules.

  7. I was warned to remove my signs at my own base now. This is like playing monopoly with a 4 year old who makes the rules as he goes. Weak.

  8. Am I still allowed to build walls?

  9. Edited 3 months ago by GibsonAxe

    Please listen to staff members - In order to keep the server safe, staff reserve the right to add, modify and patch rules.
    We cannot cover everything hence why this rule exists, there will be times when something isnt clearly stated in the rules but is still not allowed,if a staff warns you about it then its clearly an issue.
    Like we discussed in game you can disagree all you want and have your opinion on the matter but the fact remains the signs you had arent allowed a normal flag is fine but not the signs.

  10. @CaptXenon

    Quote from the rules:

    “Don’t discuss controversial, sensitive or offensive topics (e.g. sex, sexual identity or preferences, race, politics, religion, drugs, etc.)”

    Naming villagers after president and leaving signs about president is clearly under “discussing politics section”

    A plain flag is fine, though nothing political involved, such as stating president etc, etc, is allowed.

  11. i obeyed, but that seems a bit overzealous by the mods.

  12. There are plenty of cases where people use clear innuendos for phrases that are banned, if we were to have 100% rigid rules they would get away with it. Since we have chat rules on this server, we stretch the rules to cover those holes.

  13. Was it really necessary to delete a villager because of a name and a flag?
    I can partially understand removing the signs but removing the villager and the banner? That does really seem over the top.
    "Don’t discuss controversial..." - For a discussion to take place there must be two parties involved. Was this actively brought up in chat? Was he targeting anyone in particular with this? Does not sound like it from what I can see.
    If its in the own privacy of his base then I don't see the issue?

  14. i can always rename some of the nitwits after some of the mods. :)

  15. i don't think the flag should have been removed, at least

  16. Edited 3 months ago by MamaNeon

    It wasn't a mod who did it, none of the mods except mod 3 (who are in creative, not survival players and there's no current mod 3) could do it. It was probably an admin since it was named after a political figure which is against the rules.

  17. Its highly unlikely that a villager was killed and replaced solely on a name- we would of asked you to change it and if you didnt, we would of done so ourselves. 1.14.2 was full of issues with villagers, its more likely that it glitched out. Something as simple as it standing too close to the wall when the server refreshed could cause it to be re-written as an original entity or simply dissapear, among a dozen other things. Maybe Herobrine got ya.

    But everything else you were doing? and you call us the overzealous ones?

    Political signs, builds, books... not allowed. This is a raiding server and your nonsense could be found by anyone at anytime. keep your politics out of minecraft and have a nice day :P

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