Quinnzillian and I's City/Renaissance

  1. last year

    Time to show off some of the builds so far.link text

  2. NICE!! Good Job Squid!

    Man, you are really a MASTER Builder! , @CraftyMyner should have you as the builder of Spawn Builds xD

  3. haha no way

  4. @Squiddddd haha no way

    yes way =D

  5. minesy

    13 Sep 2017 Suspended

    wow thats good

  6. @minesy wow thats good

    ty ty

  7. Geez dude wow! :D Epic!

  8. Majestic

  9. That twisted tower is sweet! How does that even work within the laws of Minecraft? :P

  10. Qfu gets credit for motivational support

  11. True Eye candy i must say...

  12. Well...


    I approve of this motherfucker named Squidd, he deserves a double Doge cookie pack.

    nvm make that an entire truck xd

  13. @Squiddddd *jumps Off a cliff * Sends Squid a Note saying Your builds Killed me with there amazingnuss

  14. @iDogeTwinkie thanks I think haha

  15. Props to whoever built the twisted building. interesting concept

  16. That twisted building is awesome.

  17. thanks everyone

  18. Wow awesome build

  19. Impressive

  20. looks like i needa git my ass back on CM just to learn how 2 build that twisted thingy

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