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  1. last year

    As some of you know i had Knee surgery. The full story is I injured my right knee July 6th of this year that required a meniscus surgery to repair. Sadly it resulted in a botched meniscus tear surgery on my right knee. After attempting to rehab it it was decided I had bone to bone contact causing extreme pain. As I result I had to have a second surgery to repair their fuck up in my opinion. At first is was supposed to be a partial knee joint replacement but on the day of the surgery it escalated to a full knee replacement including hacking my upper quad muscle in half and having it SHUT OFF for a week. this surgery occurred Nov 6th. Well here I am 4 weeks later healing and taking large amounts of opiates to combat the pain every 6 to 10 hours and using a walker to get around. I am now up to cane and walker occasionally but got 4 to 8 weeks more rehab with full mobility to return u to a year in total. I thought i would share the after surgery Frankenstein stapled up mess picture and finally my week 4 x-ray picture. FYI the x-ray shows the are they cut away and the spike portion of the replacement is hammered into the bone they cut then the rest is glued down with bone cement glue. They also ground the knee cap and added a button to the back if you loo closely.

    So if I have been weird lately or I saw its the drugs this is why, lol



  2. I kind of feel you because I recentely had knee surgery as well, it wasn't as complicated as yours tho.
    I am really sorry and I wish you all the good of this world and I hope you and your knee can feel better soon!

  3. Ouch looks a lot woest then mine

  4. Looks painful, get well soon!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! :)

  6. Ouch, that really sucks. Especially how they messed up the original surgery. Hope you have as quick as a recovery as possible!

  7. Ouch

  8. From breaking a leg, I know from experience how painful it is to be disabled and

    Hope u get better

  9. I have never broken an arm or a leg. Mostly because i like to lower my changes to get hurt by changeing variables that might make that happen.

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    It's going to make a fantastic scar, congratulations ;P
    I used to fly elytra in the end, but I took an arrow to the knee.

  11. 2 months ago

    Well My bad luck continues........ As a few of you know i have had a hard run of luck in relation to the right replacement. I finally returned to work last April after 2 surgeries, lots of rehab and continuous pain. as of last August i was still experiencing pain and had received a doctors note instructing my company i could only work my scheduled days with no additional overtime til November. I thought i was on the road to final recovery and started to feel stronger. Then fate dealt another blow at the end of August. I was told i had to work 2 hours overtime extra after a 12 hour shift due to a accident on the freeway keeping fellow employees from arriving on time. And 10 minutes into the extra my LEFT knee had a sharp pain in the back and i was injured. I went to the doctor, got put on light duty and awaited MRI results.........

    Multiple Tears on my meniscus in my knee with a severe horizontal tear severing the back bone mount area.

    After online research and talking to doctors its starting to seriously look like I have to get another Full knee replacement this time on my left knee. Almost exactly a year to date of last one on Nov 6th 2017.

    I go to Orthopedist on the 17th to discuss my options.... I am so depressed i have been in pain for over a year straight and more in store for me. I need a go fund with all my expenses but that is a side note.

    So that is my latest update plus this is on workman's comp so i have a huge fight with the company also adding to my stress. If any of you are Christians please pray for me if you wouldn't mind, no joke.

    I probably will be playing during my recovery so i may be weird on my medications but look forward to all your help and support. this is a great community of friends, thank you all. sorry for the long post.

  12. Aw humf, so sorry to hear you have had another blow like that. Hang in there. <3 Tez

  13. As much as of a pain this is to you, I truly hope you'll get through it.
    Surgeries and recoveries are expensive motherfuckers to deal with, and let me tell you...
    ...I wish I could help you out with this, and I'm not even joking.

    Like, my heart literally opened up and would help you in this, but ya know, since we both are broke, I can't do anything except wish you the best recovery you could possibly get.

    I'm with you brother, you can do this shit. You're a strong dude. I wish you a fast and healing recovery brother. :)

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    Jesus. God I can't even imagine that. It's one of the places on the body I'd immediately go to if asked "Where would it hurt most when injured". Good luck Humf.

  15. Another surgery huh... I'm really sorry to hear that and I hope you get well soon :/

  16. I'm so sorry all this shit has happened to you, hope you're better man. :/ hang in there, you can make it!

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