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    Jan 2018 CraftyCrate

  2. you should next time get the craft crate near a double chest to try to make a triple chest :)

  3. I've been nervous that it would fail and I wouldn't get anything. Maybe I'll try it next time though. I wonder if it's limited to 3...

  4. that is an interesting question, i have only done one crafty crate near a double chest. but i have done that twice :) not that anything exciting happened, but i always find others are more clever than me! some one will find some cool use for it!

  5. I've never seen a triple chest using this glitch, does anyone have a screenshot? And what happens to the inventory of the chest?

  6. @JKELLER4000 you should next time get the craft crate near a double chest to try to make a triple chest :)

    What would happen if you put it between 2 double chests?

  7. Feb. 2018 CraftyCrate

  8. Very Nice

  9. was there no spawn egg?

  10. @TimeKing297 was there no spawn egg?

    No egg =\

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  12. I know things to do with triple chests ;)

  13. @GoldenCookie420 I know things to do with triple chests ;)

    Should I try making one then? What things? :P

  14. Can confirm triple chest glitch works by using the command to place the crafty crate below you next to a double regular chest. Made for some fun times in our base, lol.

  15. Aug 2018 CraftyCrate

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    Sep 2018 CratyCrate

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    Oct 2018 CraftyCrate

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    Nov 2018 CraftyCrate

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    I remember awhile ago i think it was crafty that was on teamspeak with me and i was showing him one of your old crate videos and we thought it was good a cool unboxing idea for ingame item and had some funny content because of your honesty about some of the items , that was so long ago now. It seems if i remember correct there was a line you had about the flowers in the craftycrate from one of the first videos back in early 2017 , you were like "hm flowers that have been named hm i dont understand do people get excited about this , should i be excited about this, i mean flowers that have been named i could do that myself, leave me a comment if u get it , maybe i should name flowers and just throw them around spawn and everyone will get happy ?" < more less just paraphrasing but it was good funny content because it wasn't forced or done just to be rude it was just funny ,plus its good for people who are interested in what a craftycrate is but hasnt been on the server long ,or donated before and wanted to know before donating,so thanks for doing these appreciate the time you put into making the videos, stay funny :D. Oh and don't forget neverdigup !

  20. This latest unboxing was rushed because if I didn’t get it done that night I might have to wait a week or two.
    On the one hand I love to share my honest feelings and just have fun with it, but I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who put it together, plus I don’t want to dissuade would be donators. Maybe I should just have fun with it and not worry about the politics of it.
    I often don’t understand the significance of some of the items. Sometimes I’m sure there is a story or a meaning that we should get but I miss it.
    Let’s hope the December crate is really good, or really bad so we can have fun with it!

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