1. 7 months ago

    Hello everyone.
    Unsure of how many of you will remember me but... It's me, HustL/Jezza, and I'm glad to tell you all that I have returned.
    If you remember me please reply to this or message me in game as i'd really like to catch up with all of you. I'd also like to join a faction/group/community of some sort eventually. My discord is HustL#2706 so please add me on there too as i'm active and would like to chat with some of you some time. I also look forward to meeting all of the new faces. Anyway, i'll see all of you around at some point. :)

  2. Welcome Back to CraftyMynes :)

  3. Welcome back bud!

  4. ily son

  5. Welcome back, HustL!

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