CraftyCrate Treasure Hunt

  1. 4 weeks ago

    I was surprised with an MVP upgrade without my consent and have no need for the items so I've placed the contents of the April crate in 2 different locations. They are under 10k on both axis and are above ground. They'll look like this (without the black concrete around them).

  2. Did anyone find these yet?

  3. what a great idea, another fellow MVP giving back to his community!

  4. @CeruleanHusky Did anyone find these yet?


  5. Anyone Yet

  6. Given the area you have to search is 400,000,000 square blocks, this might take a while lmao

  7. Can confirm neither have been found yet.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    Bump. Neither have been found so I figured to include the biomes as a hint.
    Forest: -image-

    Taiga: -image-

  9. last week


  10. Deleted last week by Knafeh
  11. The May crate is split into 2 locations, both within 10k as well.

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