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    so recently humfrydog was raided by team eye. so a lot of people suggested we should help him so this is why i am making this, i will be donating to humfrydog, 7 emeralds, 12 gold blocks, 3 diamond blocks, gunpowder and all my banners for decoration. please if you want to help leave what you will donate thanks ~mineseyecraft

  2. Ty for the thought i got riches. what I need is 32 double chests of sand, gravel and terracotta each plus iron tons of iron. I also need 2 god swords the rest i got.
    Unfortunately I live with depression and sometimes it takes a hold of me. I keep it to myself and only a few friends know how bad it gets.
    Today is my birthday and between physical pain from a injury, pending bone surgery and the raid and life in general I am having a horrible day.
    For me craftymynes was my refuge and I got pleasure from building, selling items and helping the players and server. Those that knew me all they had to do was ask and I gave freely.

    As of right now craftymynes brings me no peace or refuge. I dont know what the future holds for me. I blame no one its part of the game.

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    this is how I will be enjoying the holiday season,
    3 more weeks of bone on bone pain, opiate pain pills then this surgery.
    link text

  4. Happy Bday @humfrydog hope you get back on your feet asap

  5. Happy birthday humfry! I got some gravel for you

  6. Happy b-day Humf, Ill see about clearing a desert out later tonight.

  7. minesy

    Oct 17 Suspended

    well if you dont need stuff happy birth day dude

  8. I haven't got many in game goodies at the moment, but I've got a VIP+ upgrade waitig for you!

  9. Happy Birthday humf! MIM and I are already hard at work collecting sand and gravel ^^ If I run across a mesa, I'll get clay too!

  10. Betrayed by his own team I see :thumbsup:

  11. Humfry is not in team eye

  12. I dontt have much in the way of building supplies, but I would happily give you my sword. Happy birthday!

  13. @humfrydog sorry to hear you are feeling so rough. Hope you have a happy birthday despite the setbacks. And please come back to us when you feel up to it. You are a valued member of the faction.

  14. Much love humf, we can't wait to have you back.

    Happy Bday, your gift is sand and gravel :)

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  16. Happy birthday <3

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    Hapy b`day lad, , anyway ive some stuff, ye`ll ve em when i get on. Cheer up mate.

  18. Have a Happy Birthday :D

  19. Thank you all for your kindness and support. I am doing alot better. Still experiencing knee pain, that wont end until after surgery. But the evil depression has been defeated. Thank you all very very much.

  20. time for a support for @minesy now

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