Craziest ban appeals

  1. 2 years ago

    I don't know about you guys but I love reading the ban appeals on here. So I invite everyone to share the most ridiculous, silly, or just plain stupid ban appeals they've read.

  2. "I swear i'm not a hacker, I was just showing this staff member the hack this guy used, I'm also staff on mineplex" in a much crappier written sentence devoid of grammar and punctuation.

  3. Pretty much any appeal that goes something like this:

    Banned Person: "Sorry, I didn't do anything wrong and I should be unbanned"

    Mod: *proof of them cheating* "appeal denied"

    Banned Person: "Oh yeah, sorry, I just remember I haven't played in forever and my brother had access to my account"

    Like saying it was his brother was gonna change the fact that he was caught red handed and denied his access back into the server, lol.

  4. @Sub "I swear i'm not a hacker, I was just showing this staff member the hack this guy used, I'm also staff on mineplex" in a much crappier written sentence devoid of grammar and punctuation.

    I read that one, those ones where they admit to something that'd get them banned are my favorite. xD

  5. one of my favorite ban appeals is;

    "hello i am writing this because i played normally on your server and i pressed double jump and i started flying and i dont know why.

    i told the admins that were on that i could fly for no reason and i asked them if they did /fly HarryTE_MC or something then i showed them i could fly and they banned my without warnings and without really knowing what is going on. I would like to be added to whitelist so i will be able to join again and do something for the admins because i think that they trolled me with /fly to find a reason to ban me.

    ps. i dont use and i dont like hacks and reply soon thanks"

  6. I think that one was one of mine lol

  7. lmao i recall that 1

  8. lol

  9. i got banned for flying when I was lagging real bad, i am one of those players who hate people who use cheats, so i think i should be unbanned as i wasn`t flying i was just lagging alot.

  10. Ok so I was flying but so what its not like its cheating or gives an advantage over others.

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    Why did I even get banned? Flying. I didn't fly. Sometimes a server kicks you for flying if you get stuck in a block. Linking the ban system to this is beyond unreliable. Now I'm banned for trying to build a flying machine and catching a whiff of server-side piston lag. Unbelievable. Please resolve this as soon as possible. Stickman561 out."

  12. My favorite part of that one is he spent the whole time trying to be all serious and finished by saying "Stickman561 out."

    Wow I think I have to take this appeal more seriously now.

  13. I got a video of him clearly flying :P

  14. I rememberione time a guy I caught xraying gold ores tried saying he wasn't. He said he lost something down there and zig zagged straight to it by coincidence. After I denied his appeal he asked to see the evidence so I uploaded it on youtube and posted it on his ban appeal. He said thisddoesn't show shit and was unclear of him xraying. Then he proceeds to ask the Crafty to look at his versions and boom the hacked clients were right there.

  15. There was also another guy who once had the nerve to join our teamspeak after joining the server and xray while Dawn and I were on teamspeak talking to other players. He was talking with us for about 10-15 minutes and then he started to xray . I being the pro at catching xrayers caught him red handed and pointed it out to Dawn through /msg and told her to prepare for an incoming shitstorm on Teamspeak :D . Ah good times

  16. que?

  17. I remember being a staff member on this KitPVP server, and at one point had to ban people every 7 minutes because they were hacking to which they always replied, "I'm not hacking bruh, I'm just a good pvper" as I see their autosoup burning through their inventory.

  18. this

  19. Another favourite of mine not for hacking though.

    click here

  20. @Blackened_Dawn this

    Can that become a regular thing where admins post the undeniable proof of a player commiting bannable acts? Like a "WTF were they thinking" channel?

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