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    I know it's been a bit since I've regularly played on the server, but based on some of the conversations I've been having and the general atmosphere of CM, I get the feeling our little community is stagnanting (or maybe even dying :( ) I know there will be a reset sometime and that may bring back some life to CM but who knows how long that will take or if it'll even work? My question to all the CraftyMyners out there is: How can we rejuvenate the server? What can be done to bring back that thriving, wild west atmosphere that once filled CM? (Personally I'd like to see some old pains come back like Gnomechild, Tsu, ect. but I know that probably won't happen.) Thoughts?

  2. events could help get more ppl online

  3. From the point of view of a long-term player that's stayed active, I don't think the community is stagnating. I see new players join and make new groups and mini-communities every day. CraftyMyne's community isn't dying, but going through a change. One filled with new, younger players. This isn't a new phenomenon either, and not just on this server. I've watched the active player base change a few times. Players grow older and taste change. The same applies to younger generations.

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    I know wat ye mean Soviet, but it happens in all *Games* , the game just doesnt look Classic and Vanilla-ish.
    and it disturbs old players most of the time.

  5. I think we need to switch away from a commodity currency to a fiat currency!

    people only trade in diamonds because they can use the diamonds themselves

    where as if we switched to emeralds. players an only use emeralds if they trade with other players or computers!

    so if we switched to using emeralds for all trades it would encourage player participation!

    a switch from a commodity currency to a fiat currency would cause the server to appear more active!

  6. Saying players only trade with diamonds isn't really accurate tho. I see players trading iron, redstone, quartz, and many other things. Many trades go through without diamonds, mainly between the new player base.

  7. Moving to a emerald based economy wont work cause players like me have huge farms to get emeralds where new players do not. I have been concerned about the server myself and a map reset could really help when the new Aqautic update finally arrives. I have covered this multiple times in other threads and wont go into it again. Also the Return of Red Army would give team eye a true challenge. Harvestar put on a Pink Flamingo Scavenger Hunt and the server came to life for over a week to 2 weeks. Other events like this could help. A new Spawn area with the old school bridges would be nice, and I would love to see a stadium style PVP area where we can watch like in 1.8. I miss those days of being able to see people wander into PVP arena.

  8. Didn't notice anything like that.

    After 11 months break i still see a lot of familiar faces cheerfuly interacting with each other, and a bunch of new (from my humble perspective) players doing the same thing. And these groups don't seem isolated.
    That's IMHO ofc.

    What i really noticed is complete deficit on shulker chests on the market :)

  9. The only real issue I think people have is the structures, if staff could find a way to get them back in through structure blocks or something, heck even add some new ones, with loot, I think that would probably help things. Also a method to get finite items like totems, shulkers, elytras, dragon heads, would help tremendously, because that's also another thing that people have hated since that partial reset. I don't know what the feasibility of said actions would be, but I believe that these two main issues being resolved might help. Also have the question on what exactly will happen with all the new 1.13 stuff? I'd assume it would be like the jungles when 1.12 came around, where some spawned parrots, and the older generated ones did not. Could someone maybe help with clarifying my question there as well?

  10. i mean, this might not have anything to do with it, but for me in particular, since i've progressed so much and hardly have anything to do, the only thing i really get online for is to mine (it relaxes me)

    tbh i want a new start, but i feel like if i start over now it'll be for nothing, since we could get a reset soon (and i rly hope we do)

  11. I'm in favor of a restart. Most players, (who are serious players) have already established everything they deem essential. A restart would inspire new competition, new cooperations, and a new sense of 'work to be done'. Who's going to get to the Dragon Egg first? Who's going to bump into whom while trying to get away from the carnage that is the first 10k blocks? Who's going to discover the valuable biomes first? While no official CM member is asking my opinion, I'm all for the restart.

  12. you can't say "our community" when you haven't been a part of it for the past year, Soviet.

  13. @Blackened_Dawn you can't say "our community" when you haven't been a part of it for the past year, Soviet.

    lmao lol

  14. yeet when's superman when you need him smh, metropolis has soaring crime rates

  15. Really haven't noticed any decrease in the community for the 11ish months I've been here. I'd say there are times when the server is more active due to various ongoings in-game, but I really haven't seen a drop in the playerbase. Gotta agree with Vene and Dawn here.

    This thread has already derailed into reset discussions, which is another topic in itself, but no, I wouldn't say there has been any sort of massive decline in playerbase that hasn't echoed the popularity of Minecraft as a whole.

  16. I wouldn't say "derailed." It is a topic he mentions as a point to consider.

  17. @Blackened_Dawn More like six months, and that's literally the first thing I acknowledged Dawn. It's just feeling I have. I could be right, I could be wrong. Just wanted to make it known and see what others had to say.

  18. Oops! Posted that under the wrong profile :/

  19. I've played on and off since about 6 or so months before the 1.8 server was reset for 1.9 and from what I'm seeing it's just as busy now as it was then.

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    As i said, it just looks less classic, you get dat Good old times Feeling, dats all.

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