1. 9 months ago

    A Future of many days. A Server which holds the ongoing rhyme.

    A rhyme which in this day and age, with the old exposing, shows that the same rhyme loses its interesting chime.

    With the crunching enzyme action of slowing, the prime of activity of factions and normal play looking grime.

    While it appears to be only a matter of time, us, the Operator, acts as a waiter.

    To serve and cater... a series of codes and ciphers that will freshly paint us, factions, and the server, to tickle your minds and be in your favor.

    For the dawn of something in the distance, the existence of such will be brewing.

    Happy cracking! ( Not spam! )

    ~ Sincerely, the Operator.

  2. wow, i'm not smart enough to crack it but you seem pretty cool. hope someone cracks it soon

  3. on it

  4. Well, "=" in the end makes me think that top layer is base64 code.
    Decoder gives me this

    @0 䠰 `0 %࠰줁࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰 %`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰셁0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셑ࡠ 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰줁࠰쥁ࡰࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 %`0 %࠰섁࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䡰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰셁䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥑࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %࠰ $࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 䀰 䡰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셑ࠠ 䡰 %0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %ࡰ ࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰 %`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 %䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %ࡰ $࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 䀰 䠰셁`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࠠ 䡰셁䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %䠰 ࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰셁`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셁䡠 䡰 0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁ࡰࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰섁࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠀

    Tried de(re/en)code with multiple text codes (like utf-8), got out nothing readable.

    And here i stuck.
    Because i'm not familiar with any coding standarts, i would've done dozens of encoding with multiple codes, binary, ASCII, hex, etc, adding some distracting data, false leads, changing languages, etc.
    And i expect everyone else to do so.
    Thus, there's a fton of ways this could be originaly encoded. Need help from someone with experience.

  5. Edited 9 months ago by deyahruhd

    @Nestacdo Well, "=" in the end makes me think that top layer is base64 code.
    Decoder gives me this

    It's not base64, there's 3 equal signs being used as padding. you can only have 0, 1 or 2 on the end.
    also, the length of an encoded base64 string must be a multiple of 4, since it converts 4 base64 digits into 3 bytes. the string given has a length of 1741 which isn't a multiple of 4

    that could possibly be because Operator accidentally put some extra padding characters but 0, 1, or 2 is standard and a direct consequence of how the encoding scheme works

    what i noticed immediately is that there is a 8 character "phrase" repeated throughout the string but some letters are changed between each

    to break it apart and demonstrate:
    YDCM JAGA and so forth. i split it into groups of 4 digits since four base64 digits = 3 bytes
    the left column definitely show some kind of similarity, the right column seems to be random but there may be something there since, to be perfectly honest, i kept seeing the phrase "GAY" and "GEY" repeating over and over and over (GA and GE come from the right column pretty much always)

    my first guess is that there's probably some preprocessing we have to do to this string

  6. ^

  7. Jeez I can't make this shit up XD

  8. here is a hint

    Zkdw qxpehu wdnhv derxw vlawhhq vhfrqgv wr frxqw wrr?

  9. That looks like a ROT cipher to me

  10. The hint decoded is:

    "What number takes about sixteen seconds to count too??"

  11. @rnc2011 The hint decoded is:

    "What number takes about sixteen seconds to count too??"

    Depends on how fast one counts, I counted to 70

  12. Edited 9 months ago by Abbasilol

    @rnc2011 The hint decoded is:

    "What number takes about sixteen seconds to count too??"

    Sixteen lol? lets say we found the number then wat, hmm.

  13. 64 43 6F 64 65 20 41 53 43 49 49

    a solution and key goes hand in hand, sometime it's like a gift, sometimes it's right under your nose!

  14. if anyone can make something out of this image I was sent, that would be interesting. I got this pm'd after I asked a question. -image-

  15. also I think pm'ing this guy on discord might produce varying results, so someone else should give it a go

  16. Lol is that the fucking teletubbies sun?

  17. I checked the image for any hidden messages. Didn't find any. I did do a little tampering with the colours and I think the text says "rebirth" "something new" and "fresh" and "out with the old".

    Can you give us a higher resolution @AttackTeam ? Or is that the best quality one you have?

  18. @Operator 64 43 6F 64 65 20 41 53 43 49 49

    a solution and key goes hand in hand, sometime it's like a gift, sometimes it's right under your nose!

    Putting that through Hex gives "dCode ASCII"

  19. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by AttackTeam

    @OtherGreenGamer that is the exact image that I was dm'd by the person behind this. I don't know what exactly it's supposed to imply. I also was given a cryptic message later on after my last reply, and this is directly quoting;
    "no one seems to reap, and only those that look on weap or creep, with us, the operator who hands out the clues
    some simple, some rigorous
    clues roam about from the ciphers to labeling
    4 walls to break
    32 is your lucky lottery number
    only then will our purpose be shown"

    The one part that seems to strike me as something of interest is the part about the number 32. Wasn't able to find anything with that quoted, nor any search results with 32 that might lead to something. But I might have overlooked something.
    And if you didn't know what the image was referred to as, it had the title of "whatisitdoyousee", as the file name, if that can help.

    And a possible other note, is that they used Russian for a sentence as an initial reply, but did not use it after that, if that could mean anything as well, for any of the above messages.

  20. lol what

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