1. 10 months ago

    What's your best .home name?
    My favorite is .home Grovestreet

  2. skrillex

  3. 1

  4. home

  5. 1

  6. 2

  7. pigs

    note: what creative people we have here

  8. .home teameyebase

  9. .home .home

  10. @Mayorga .home .home

    [+] Invalid home name!

  11. .home Papallexya

  12. .home fuckireallyhavetofart

  13. .home dodgedealership

  14. .home kfc

  15. @CraftyMyner [+] Invalid home name!

    hecc didn't realize


    Watch the caps


  17. .home Zora hall is my main so far

    I plan on building something similar from Majoras Mask as inspiration I love that place so much and what better way to do it than with the Aquatic update? There will be a few tweaks though and rooms for everyone who's with me


    And .home Kakariko Is just my village/breeder

  18. As a Zelda fan too i love the names :D

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