A new player classification, probation

  1. 2 months ago

    I often read that a cheater gets caught usually Xraying.

    Then places a heart felt appeal to be forgiven.

    I have a soft spot and a big heart, occasionally i feel like some cheaters deserve a 2nd chance.

    I was wondering if a new player designation and name color might offer a chance . Say name in yellow which represents a player on probation. Maybe require a sponsor player to team with individual and must have player with him to mine. Then admins could easily spot players to monitor extra. Say after 6 months of fair play their name is no longer yellow after a poll of admins feels player has earned forgiveness.

    As a show of good faith i volunteer to take the next the cheater in and be a sponsor. Actions after all speak louder than words.

    Perhaps we could create a poll about this idea.

  2. yes, its true
    My friend got banned for hax he did have, but didnt use!
    I think he deserves a second chance.

  3. +1 from me!

  4. @DeJean yes, its true
    My friend got banned for hax he did have, but didnt use!
    I think he deserves a second chance.

    Are you offering to be his sponsor?

  5. HUMFRY'S HALFWAY HOUSE. A place of second chances.
    6 months probation
    can't mine without sponsor or admin present
    Random spot checks by admins
    Must build a house and some other structure at halfway house town location.

    What else ?
    i got this rank only gets 1 home set at halfway house.

  6. I put in the person _Cake_ , who was screensharing with a staff, and the staff saw 'hax'. He didnt have these hax on or wasnt planning to do that any time. He used these hax on a server where it was legal, but he didnt get the chance to explain this to that staff, and got perm banned without any excuse.
    This is outrageous and please support if you think so too.

    PS: he deleted it in the hope he could get a second chance.

  7. You can't trust sponsors anyways - would be an even heavier load for staff to have to check again players that are already supposed to be banned... I wouldn't see it working - at least not in this way

  8. Is it because you like reporting people who arent in your favor, and wouldnt like them to come back hmmmmm???

  9. I think it's the other way around buddy - you'd rather have players that you favor come back

  10. ofcourse, why not???

  11. Having friends come back is always nice - I'm afraid that players using hacked clients are not welcome... deal with it

  12. I dont like the idea of all the limitations (can't mine without supervision etc), I think it should just be a second chance thing, and admins would pay special attention to that player.

  13. At this point its only a suggestion. I am curious to see admins feedback and maybe it could be tried on a limited basis. Or even something to be used so other players could advance their rank as helper or mods. There could be a limited number of players considered say 2 to 4 max at a time. I do think limited warps to 1, colored names, supervision/sponsor and a time limit 3 to 6 month probation should apply. Getting a 2nd chance after hacking should be hard or else we would be flooded with requests.

  14. Nope, we gave second chances in the past and for the most part it wasnt worth it, also dont see selecting players to watch them working out either, overall this idea would add alot more work for staff for not much a benefit.I also want to point out that ignorance of the rules is not a good excuse its on the player to inform themselves of them and its rather easy to do so,and when we had the accept rules before joining phase, hardly anyone bothered to read them ingame most i know of ended up reading them on the forums once they saw they enjoyed the server.
    Cons outweigh the pros heavily here imo

  15. Edited 2 months ago by PapaNeon

    We dont have time to babysit someone for 6 months. Didnt wanna get banned for cheating, dont cheat on the server. Ez

  16. Its not that we dont want to. we'd love to be able to trust people. but...We've been doing this a long time and have seen every type of person. the problem is, anyone willing to used a hacked client in the first place has a fundamental flaw- they think they can get away with it.
    Once they get caught, they may give us a long and heartfelt apology but even if we forgive them and they promise not to do it again- now they have a grudge to do it again. This time they have more information, a knowledge of what got them caught before and that makes them sneaky.

    We operate with a phrase learned the hard way: Once a hacker, Always a hacker
    Its been proven a thousand times. Literally. Theres not a single instance where an individual granted a second chance hasn't eventually been caught cheating again and so we stopped giving second chances to cheaters.

  17. Ok cool I understand. this is exactly why i don't apply to be staff. i am far too trusting.

  18. Edited 2 months ago by FieryPhoenix64

    What about the ban appeals where the person got banned 5 years ago, deleted the hack and have completely changed as a person?

  19. @FieryPhoenix64 What about the ban appeals where the person got banned 5 years ago, deleted the hack and have completely changed as a person?

    If those people really want to play they can come back on an alt account

  20. Also I would say as an experienced minecrafter that most people who feel its ok to hack or break the rules usually cannot fight the temptation to go back to there ways. Whats worse is they usually are careful now and wait till midnight to hack when staff aren’t on. I know of 2 people off the top of my head who did come back on cm and they only lasted a couple weeks before hacking or breaking rules and grtting banned again.

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