I want to introduce myself! and I hope u want to do the same!

  1. 4 months ago

    Hello I want to start a conversation fo everyone so we can get to know eachother even better!
    Lets talk about what music u like? Your favorite music artist? What kind of hobby's u have? Feel free to add new questions to this list!

    I like Hip-Hop a lot
    My favoriet music artists are #1 XXXTENTACION #2 Juice WRLD #3 Ski Mask The Slump God
    My hobby's are football ( soccer ) and skateboarding!
    I like getting to know people so thats why i started this conversation lets go!

  2. Well i like prog rock for music.

    And spend a lot of time keeping fit by running and going to the gym. I have been doing BJJ and Boxing though have taken a break over the Summer.

    I like programming too.

  3. Hi im Alex, a 33 year old minecrafter who makes Drum and bass for a living. I dont do other stuff then this.

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    I enjoy listening to different music genres, from jazz, blues, soul, pop, rock, alternative, especially if they have interestingly clever lyrics. My favorite bands are The Magnetic Fields and The Smiths.
    I love writing and composing my own music and I play harmonica on my friend's band when there's concerts.
    I also like doing illustration and traditional pencil animation, but I've been too lazy for that these past y-err..months.

    (paranoid froggy says hi)

  5. Hi there! Welcome! I studied music education and speech pathology & audiology, taught choir/show choir for a few years, moved when I got married, and now am a stay at home wife while we start the adoption process. Hoping to be finalized in the next few years :)

    Favorite music is pop, rock, and absolute favorite right now is kpop. I know, I know. lol. My favorite artists for each are Michael Jackson, Journey or Queen, and Twice (hence the Jihyo skin)

    Favorite hobbies- dancing, singing, video games
    Favorite video games- anything scary. Fatal Frame series, Silent Hill series, etc
    Favorite tv shows- Bob's Burgers, South Park

  6. Hello, I am VIP, im 17 and at college. I like playing games but also have a passion for criminology which is what i am studying now. Favourite artists: 1) Juice WRLD 2) Post Malone 3) xxxtentaction 4) 6ix9ine
    Feel free to hit up my insta :P https://www.instagram.com/aidan.somanah/

  7. I'm DeJean

  8. i'm fongerbob, i love skrillex, nice to meet u

  9. Hello,
    I'm 31 years old.
    I'm from Germany.
    My favourite Music is Drum & Bass!
    My Hobbys are drawing and Music Production on Ableton.
    In my free time I like to play video games.

  10. I'm Doge.


  11. I go by many names.
    I am almost 15 and one fiftieth years old.
    I listen to alt metal and classical music.
    My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.
    My hobbies are music and graphics design. I take graphics design classes and I play the alto saxophone in the concert band at my school.
    My favorite video games atm are Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, but Minecraft will always have a special place in my heart for saving my life.

  12. Hi, I am ruthless and a pilot.

  13. Hi, I’m Nico, I like a huge spectrum of music, from folk to punk-rock

    I’m 17, at college, for the last year i play on CraftyMynes
    When playing Minecraft, I enjoy building detailed stuff with medieval atmosphere in it most

    Nice to meet you!

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    I go by jard as a nickname and deyahruhd as my screen name. I'm an undergrad computer architecture researcher working on RE-gem5 for the computer architecture community as my "profession".

    Other than that I like blowing things up, waiting for Diaboticle child game, and listening to The Midnight.

  15. Hi! My name's Avery. I mostly like classic rock, probably due to my upbringing. I'm on a Rolling Stones kick right now.

    As for hobbies, I like graphic design and playing around with computers.

  16. Howdy!
    I go by many names: Hoomanresources, Hooman, bringer of the storm, Hoomie, Hoo, disappointment (family nickname), and my old game name Humanoid!
    I am almost 23, engaged, bought my first home, 3 cats, 1sausage dog, 2 geckos, and a cricket in my basement...
    My hobbies include: being at home with my cats, writing, used to do a TON of video editing, and falling from high places.
    I like classic rock, electric swing, I'm mostly an indie boi, and robots like daft punk.
    I'm friendly, but very shy, used to be worse. And I give my items away for free because my anxiety gets too high trying to figure out how much to charge for my items... or sometimes I demand poems.

  17. 3 months ago

    My name jeff

  18. @PapaNeon My name jeff

    Lies, we all know a Jeff wouldn't be crazy for eggs.

  19. I am skarath.
    I enjoy skarathing, and doing skarath stuff.
    I also enjoy going to .spawn, placing sand blocks, and pushing the S button on my keyboard.
    This one time I ate noodles.

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