Self Challenge Phase II: 25* Million or Bust

  1. 5 months ago

    Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself formally and share a little idea I had. I've been on the server for a couple days now, and it's the first time in about 4 years that I've played multiplayer. So far I've still had the single player mindset, as I've not teamed with anyone and all my builds have been solo. I am however enjoying the ability to chat and trade, so if I have something that someone needs, I'll be sure to offer. I've also left bases that I've abandoned intact, in case anyone newer than me comes along and gets lucky with a wild command. (One of them has a fully built zombie grinder.)

    Now for my idea. I've been fortunate enough that I have yet to die on the server. When i checked my ticks yesterday i was at around 2.5 million. I've basically made my time on the server into a hardcore run. So i'm going to set a goal of making it to 10 million ticks without dying. I saw that 10 mil is the limit to apply for staff, so i figured that was a good number to try and reach. If i die before then, I will openly give coords to my current base in chat (and it would hurt a lot to do so, I'm loving what I've built so far) so that anyone can come and take what they please. And since I mentioned hardcore, I will also empty my ender chest, and truly give up everything to start over fresh. I know this is going to put a huge target on my back, but i consider it part of the fun.

    I'm not in a position to donate to the server, otherwise I would. I'm hoping that this becomes a fun alternative, and who knows, since I put up stakes for losing, maybe the staff will consider a prize for me actually making it ;)

  2. best of luck to you

  3. Thanks, I'm going to screenshot my progress as i go and post some milestones

  4. So whats I'm getting at here is you'll let me slay you right?

  5. Once i hit 10 million ticks, sure. I'd like a copy of my head lol

  6. Deleted 5 months ago by Roylne1
  7. First milestone screenie: 3 Million and going strong


  8. You may not realize, but there are several players at well over 25 million ticks that have 0 deaths

  9. That wouldn't surprise me at all. And I applaud their achievement in doing so. Like I said, this is a personal challenge, and I chose 10mil because it was the only comparable figure I had to go off of. If I make it easily with no close calls I may decide to extend it to 25. But for now, I'm still new to multiplayer and wanted to do something to both challenge myself and meet others on the server at the same time. Even if it is just them trying to kill me. I stand by what I said though, if I lose, full access to my base and contents of my ender chest for anyone that is there to witness the first death :)

  10. Good luck my friend, I most certainly did not make it that far before my first many deaths. I would like to see you achieve this goal as well. It's a good inspiration to us all.

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    Well...had my first major challenge. Found out it only takes 2 villagers with beds and workstations to trigger a raid. Much panic ensued, especially during a huge lag period right before a restart. But i managed to pull through!

    Got lucky with this wave, they were all sitting ducks:

    A literal swarm of vexes that i couldn't get near due to lag:

    Found the last guy in a cave!

  12. 1 villager and 1 bed are all that's needed for a raid :)

  13. 4 months ago

    Yeah i won't be going near another patrol unless I have some milk on me lol

  14. Second Milestone: Halfway!


    Had a blast meeting some people on discord and hanging out while the secret lounge was built :)


    Also a huge thank you to Naidae for offering to buy me VIP if I'm successful!

  15. -1 from me.

  16. Honorable Mention to BlueAce56, tried to get me with a mid-air tp, good thing for totems haha

  17. was it the totem that saved you?

  18. Yeah, it procced when i hit the ground, the fall would have been fatal otherwise. Gonna start carrying some slow fall potions now on top of e-pearls

  19. oh dang so you got lucky in many more ways than I thought lol

  20. myself in a pickle think I'd have learned the first time....


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