Unexpected Server Response Compilation Thread

  1. 3 weeks ago

    The server panel likes to respond overzealously to random messages in chat in an attempt to "help" the person saying them. For example:

    what is the -> (The current server time)
    tim? -> (The current server time)
    what is tim? -> Ticks are the amount of time you have spent on the server, 20 ticks = 1 second.
    who made that bow? -> My creator, CraftyMyner, created me with his own 2 hands <3
    where is the -> Come check out our TeamSpeak 3 Server: (link)
    are there no spawns? -> The cords to spawn is 0,0
    how do i -> You can use ".tp <player>" or type ".help" for more commands!

    When you have the time, try them out when you're on the server.

    There's plenty more that I haven't wrote down. So I'd like to make a thread cataloguing them. Usually they involve removing one or two words from a common phrase, but things like "tim" really trip up the bot.

    Try to find an odd or funny phrase that gets a server response in a way you'd least expect, without spamming the chat of course. ¦]

  2. You must realize how the system works, it learns has to respond based on questions asked and how other players respond. It has a pre-filter that cuts down the bulk of the chat to just questions, then it pulls keywords and pushed the rest through a couple of "AI" networks to handle spelling mistakes, re-ordered words, and slang/useless words.

    "tim" is considered a misspelling of "time" which is a strong keyword of server time.
    Some partial questions are close enough that it will attempt to answer.
    Bad questions that are followed up by a staff member running something like "spawn?" or "border?" will help the system learn how to answer said question.

  3. Side note, I used to use another system for a short period of time until I got this lovely message:

    We noticed that your free account greatly exceeds the allotted free queries.  Our free accounts allow for 6,000 queries per month and you're averaging 40,000 per month since May.  In order to continue to have your queries processed without interruption I'm hoping you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.  The best plan based upon your volume is our Standard plan.  The cost per year is $4,788 and includes 750K queries per year.  You can of course, go month to month which costs $499 and provides 62,500 queries per month.  If you're interested in going annually I can provide a discount of 30%.  The offer is good thru the end of this week - just let me know and I'll send you a code to use when you buy online.
    If you need more than 750k queries per year we have Premium and Preferred plans.  Definitely we'd like to have you stay on as a customer so please let me know how you'd like to proceed ASAP.

    I said fat chance and made my own thing.

  4. Only $4,788.

    Absurd. LOL!

    Glad you kicked that down the street and said "Thanks, but no thanks, I'll build one myself." :D

  5. Edited 3 weeks ago by MittensTheSevent

    LOL all these are so funny, I got some I'd like to add XD

    tanks? -> shows ranks
    why no spawn? -> shows ranks
    arent -> shows how to exit - or was it enter arena, xD

  6. "What is this fuckery?" Gets the vanilla explanation :^)

  7. "what is crafty" -> gives explanation of crafty crates

  8. anyone else? -> ask mojang why minecraft lags

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