leaving craftymynes and contest for my base and some of my echest

  1. last year
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    so the day has come. i am going to leave the craftymynes community. not completely, i still may come on to hang out but nothing much.

    1. 32db
    2. 15gb
    3. 15eb
    4. my base, but what I like to call it is HQ
    5. a few shulkers of supplies
    6. a tour of my project
    7. snowgolem egg
    8. creeper head
    9. 3 slime stacks
    10. 20 ib

    it is a small base but, very rich. a tour will come out soon; all you have to do is leave a comment down bellow, i will randomly pick using <-- i will use that to choose. everyone will be entered as long as they comment, and if you get picked you just have to solve a simple problem. i will draw in 2 days. also @rnc2011 your head will be put in good hands :)


    ( inspiration from @Scrappy_Dont )

  2. Good luck wherever you go to next! (:

  3. Woop! Another sweepstakes. Count me in

  4. count me in too, i'm interested

  5. prizes have been updated!

  6. Count me in!

  7. Count me in!!

  8. I have commented now. Yay.

  9. .

  10. gimme

  11. @MistakeMade whats your ign

  12. Sad to see you go.

  13. Count me in pls

  14. aaaa count me pls

  15. Haha don't count me in but it's too bad you have to go. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to postpone some things, and that's alright. I am sure whoever wins it will enjoy it!

  16. cake?

  17. @TimKing297 MistakeMade

  18. Sorry I know these cords but will enter for the lols

  19. eh, ok, I'm in

  20. me

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