Greifing is so sad!

  1. 4 days ago

    Does anyone feel the five stages of greif when they get greifed?

    I love the denial stage. It was a small greif, it was Not too bad. I can rebuild!

    I love the anger stage. I will greif them back! I will cause them harm! I will raid them!

    I love the depression stage. I am never goign to play minecraft again i quit! I am going to be a nomad; a recluse!

    Bargaining! If i build a huge base then they will not greif me again! If i build out of obsidian, then they will not greif me again! I will not hurt you if you give me back my beacons!

    Acceptance! Greifing is apart of the game you win some you lose some just having fun is what is important!

    Every time i get greifed I think of the stages and wonder which one i am currently in, I was angry at someone who username was blue_something :( i feel bad because i was too mean to them and they left :(

    I stopped playing minecraft for a bit because i just am kinda in the depression. and decided playign with the seebeck effect irl would be more interesting. but then while walking someone got mad at me for pushing the walk button on the light and crossing the street when the walk sign was on soi guess irl is too full of greifers for me too!

    But i will try to fak the acceptance stge until i get there! It is just a game! the goal of a game is to enjoy my time! And that is what i will do enjoy playing!

    So do you also try to pay attention to what stage of greif you are in when you get greifed?

  2. This should be named: “The Five Stages of Griefed”

    Anyways, when my base got griefed on late 1.12.2 I kinda went into detective mode trying to figure out who it was. I mean eventually I narrowed it down and found out who it was, but there wasn’t enough proof of hacking to ban so I just let it go after a while. Won’t be giving any details of course about who it was. I kinda skipped through every stage but anger and acceptance.

  3. 2 days ago

    You know the trick with a bunch of TNT around your base?
    Connect that shit with redstone, with some buttons and you got yourself defenses.
    If your base will be fucked up, it's gonna be TNT's fault. :D
    At least like this they won't have anything to destroy.

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