CraftyMynes and 1.14

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    Attention Players

    Many of you may be wondering what happen when 1.14 releases on the 23rd. The administration team and I have sat quiet on this issue for quite a while. With each snapshot update, we have investigated the issues, bugs, and problems that updating our current map to the new update will cause. Our biggest concern was that with the areas already loaded by our existing map we are essentially preventing new players from experiencing the update in its entirety.

    We have debated the issue back and forth concluding that it would be in the best interests of the server and community to reset the world. We also recognize that many players still have unfinished builds or want to gather screenshots/reference their current bases. For this reason, we will be running 1.14 and 1.13 in parallel and eventually will shut down 1.13 once the player base dies down. This decision was tough, however, with the rapidly dwindling storage space caused by the enormous map (Plus the areas already loaded by previous players preventing the new generation of the update), the recent publicity of the seed of our current map and the rampant abuse of bugs that Mojang has not yet implemented bug fixes for. We feel that with this new update our only course going forward is to start with a fresh map.

    With little time to prepare we have made a new spawn area up (following feedback based on our current spawn) and reverted to a much simpler spawn. Taking elements from different versions of our spawns and builds that were never implemented.

    Here are some of the changes to expect:

    • Smaller world size to help combat storage issues (256k, 128k from spawn).
    • New spawn combining the elements of the last 4 CraftyMynes spawns.
    • New seed and all the features/generation of the 1.14 update.
    • Same state of the art teleports and homes system.
    • Upgraded lottery with new rewards.
    • New race to kill the dragon.

    After we double check the stability of 1.14 on the 23rd, 1.13 will move to "" and 1.14 will takes its place at "". We will be opening our base download option again for the 1.13 map (find details here)
    To make this as fair as possible, once we have 1.14 in our hands, we will set a release time.

    - Crafty and Team

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    I smelt, I brew

  3. -1 from me.

  4. DeJean

    22 Apr 2019 Suspended

    Time to go raiding

  5. “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

    ― Heraclitus

    I think i'll be back after the restart.

  6. Looks good! Thanks for the update!

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    @CHRISTIANALPHA “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

    ― Heraclitus

    I think i'll be back after the restart.

    I'll hold you to that

    @iwarriiori -1 from me.

    -1 TO you

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    Tbh I dont like the look of the new spawn, I prefer 1.13 spawn by far

  9. @FieryPhoenix64 Tbo I dont like the look of the new spawn, I prefer 1.13 spawn by far

    It might grow on you once you get there, the layout is much better and everything is functional, no more teleporting to places to access trading/enderchests/smelting.

    I do agree that the 1.13 spawn looked pretty, but almost none of the buildings did anything and really, it could have just not existed.

  10. The 1.12 layout was similar - very nice and practical with the amazing PvP tower in the middle

  11. Whats the elytra section? An elytra course?

  12. @FieryPhoenix64 Whats the elytra section? An elytra course?

    TBD, it will likely be a mix of an elytra course and a quick way to get some altitude around spawn.

  13. i smelt like beef

  14. here's the real question

    1.8 bridges?

  15. That sad day in Doge's life when Doge finds a perfect place for a build and here we are xD
    Oh well, I have to say, I was like: "Fuck it, I'm not coming back." but yet, this incoming update will be bomb.

    Building and everything-wise. Looking forward to dying to mobs the moment I get on the server lol

  16. Do we have an estimate for what time tomorrow the server will be up?

  17. @Zaper8 Do we have an estimate for what time tomorrow the server will be up?

    Last time they released at about 10am PST (my time). Sadly this last week I have been down for the count with strep throat, and I kinda got to go back to work. Ideally, we can release within a few hours of mojang posting the download, but it might have to get drawn out a bit if I am at work when it happens. I will be putting a countdown on the front page of the forum again though.

  18. I'll give my base coordinates, first to get there gets my dragon egg.

  19. I like on this map that there is no end warp

    will there be no nether warp on the new map?

  20. 1.12's did have the advantage of having an end portal and the end island was partially considered as spawn I beleive

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