CraftyMynes 6th Birthday Sale - 25% Off Everything

I would like to thank all the staff who have been with me from the start, and the ones who are with us now, CraftyMynes would not exist without you. To all the donators, your contributions have let us continue to use the best hardware that money can buy. Last but not least, too all the players that have been here from day one or just joined, voted 1000's of times or just once, each one of you has helped us become the best vanilla server 6 years in a row.

To celebrate 6 years of your support I would like to give back, from now till the end of the month everything will be 25% off. I hope that anyone who has not been able to donate due to these hard times can get a chance. Thanks again to everyone, your support humbles me, here's to another year of CraftyMynes

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